If you have the room to spare, an office could make a fantastic addition to your home. It will be a functional hub where you can run a business, work out your finances and learn new skills. It could also be a place where you can communicate with like-minded people online. The possibilities truly are endless. But just placing a simple table and chair in a room will not do. Your office should cater to your needs while still be in keeping with the rest of your home. So when designing your new home office, here are some important things you need to remember to make it as fit for purpose as possible.

A Comfortable Chair

While you’ve probably already picked out your designer desk, never forget to invest in a good chair also. Your desk chair is an essential piece of furniture as it will determine how comfortable you feel working in your office space. If you intend to use your office for multiple hours each day, you’ll need a chair that offers support and comfort. But still compliment the rest of your decor. Go to a store and try a few chair options before you buy and invest in the best one you can afford.  Also don’t feel like you have to stick to a corporate looking chair. Why not go for something more stylish in a bold color or pattern.


It’s vital that you remember to include plenty of light sources within your home office design. Without it, you increase your chances of eye strains and headaches while you work. Lighting is also particularly important if your home office is in a windowless room such as a basement. Think about the activities you will most likely carry out in your office and determine which light sources will be most appropriate. While desk lamps are an obvious choice, also consider other options such as an adjustable spot light or a colorful rope light. These can be positioned to illuminate particular areas in your office and make it far easier for you to navigate. Always make sure that if you do have windows, that as much natural light can enter the room as possible.

Personal Touches

While your office is likely to become a new place for you to work, don’t make it feel too bland. Otherwise, you may find that your home office is a very uninspiring. So treat it like any other room in your home and add some homely and personal touches. A rug, some family photographs and a printed cushion for your chair are ideal examples. You could also bring in some of your favorite artwork or a colorful notice board to liven up the walls. This will bring some character and interest into the space and make it a far more appealing office to work in.

Now you have the know-how you can create a home office that you will be more than happy to work in. Remember that a home office is not like a regular office. You have the freedom to inject your style and personality into the design. Just make sure it works seamlessly with the rest of your home’s interiors.