A favorite amoung celebrities, socialites and fashion icons,  this online resource is essentially a guide for living the high life. By Lindsay Gabrielski, Associate Web Editor

Launched in 2008, TrendLuxury.com has quickly earned its place as the one stop spot to find the latest on luxury trends, fashions, hotels, getaways and basically anything that fits into a lifestyle of pure opulence.  TrendLuxury.comÂ’s founder, Carlos Muhammad, became fluent in the language of luxury after working with the affluent in the entertainment industry. Using his knowledge and contacts he created TrendLuxury.com as a luxury lifestyle resource for an elite class of consumers. His insight and widespread contacts give him access to select interviews with style icons, insider fashion and design tips and endless resources to stay in constant pursuit of the next turn in luxury trends. TrendLuxury.com is a favorite amoung socialites and celebrities who visit the website regularly to find the newest luxury indulgence from a travel destination hot spot to next seasonÂ’s designer “must haves”.

In addition to celebrities and socialites, TrendLuxury.com  recently realized its popularity among those simply in awe of extravagant lifestyles or dreaming of ways to integrate luxury into a more average lifestyle. Having originally targeted his website  towards the wealthiest of wealthy consumers, Muhammad needed to maintain the exclusivity that built TrendLuxury’s reputation, but was inspired by the idea of  bringing luxury to this new class of consumers. In response TrendLuxury.com expanded, seeking out not only the most select products, topics and trends in the world of luxury, but also the best giveaways, deals, and promotions within it. The website now satisfys a broader range of luxury seekers by featuring promotions like a $1,000 Tequila Popsicle (made with 24 ct. gold flakes) in addition to a sweepstakes for a free week-long trip to a Costa Rican Eco-Friendly Resort. At $1,000 a pop (no pun intended) not many of us can build a tequila Popsicle adorned in gold flakes into our budget, but all of us can certainly indulge in the opportunity for a free vacation!

Whether entering a give-away sweepstakes for a stay in a trendy hotel, looking for next seasonÂ’s hottest fashion picks, or simply glancing into the world of opulence– TrendLuxury.com keeps luxury as accessible as it is exclusive. This distinctive balance brings a range of 10,000 unique visitors from over fifty countries to TrendLuxury.com each day. The top of the website reads “Luxury is timeless and touches everyone who truly appreciates Beauty, Elegance and Class.” Being well-versed in the language of luxury ourselves, we at OceanHome can confidently state that if there was ever a place to indulge in luxury or discover an appreciation for it, TrendLuxury.com is it.

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