Seriously stylish showers and tubs thatÂ’ll turn your basic bath into an at-home oasis.


Sure, your oceanfront home is complete with a pristine swimming pool and a seaview Jacuzzi, but sometimes nothing quite does the trick like a soak in a warm, bubbly bath—the traditional kind, that is. Baths can have therapeutic powers, and ladies and gents alike are known to log extensive hours in the bathroom, that sanctuary of personal care and privacy. With all that time spent soaking away your worries, a stylish, state-of-the-art tub (or shower, if that’s more your style) is a must.


One company making waves in the business of bathroom design is The Zuccheti.Kos Group of Italy, which in 2011 turned out new collections at European trade shows. In March, Kos unveiled LOOP, a multifunctional shower cabin, and the Geo 170×70 Freestanding bathtub, both designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. At the same time, Zucchetti debuted Sun, a range of tapware designed by Zucchetti.Kos R&D, and Showers, a series of wall- and ceiling-mounted shower heads designed by the Palombas.


A signature of Zucchetti.Kos is the geometric shapes of their sinks, showers, and tubs. Freestanding models play a role in the bathroom thatÂ’s seemingly more aesthetic than functional, bringing a whole new element of enjoyment to the bathing ritual.


One particularly elegant model from the Faraway collection is the Vis-à-Vis freestanding bathtub, whose form, Zucchetti.Kos insiders say, “explores new ergonomics while saving energy and water by geometrically expanding or shrinking to suit the comfort level required.” At the very least, it’s an environmentally friendly tub that happens to be, simply put, beautiful.


But if it’s that al fresco Jacuzzi whose effervescence you hope to duplicate indoors, Kos’s Minipool, also from the Faraway collection, can’t be beat. According to Kos designers, the Minipool was intended to be the centerpiece of what they call the “concept spa”: a home bathroom that’s “no longer a ritual place, but a space dedicated to a multi-sensory well-being.” For clients, that means a tub that integrates function and aesthetics, wherein “typically functional items are transformed into geometric details of great beauty.” For instance, “the floor-level overspill doubles the perimeter line of the tub, and the fan generates a ripple that runs all the way across the water for the whole length of the tub: a unique form of wellness for indoor or outdoor living.”


Whatever style you choose, youÂ’re guaranteed to get one hot tub.