More often than not, the master bedroom is one of the last rooms to get any interior design attention. It’s mostly down to the fact that you spend most of your time and energy on the places that guests may see. Your kitchen, living spaces and bathrooms. However, whether you have children, work all week, or stay at home, the master bedroom is the one place for you. So, it should be higher on the priority list when it comes to decoration and styling.


What do you want from your master bedroom?

Let’s be honest. Your master bedroom can become quite a multifunctional space. It should have one purpose, but yet there will be a magnitude of things in there. You need to take some time to work out exactly what you want from your bedroom space. Does everything that is in there need to be? This will be great for when you redecorate, as you will be able to keep the functions needed and remove what isn’t. It could make more space for you than perhaps there may be at the moment.


Consider your color palette

For any bedroom decoration, your color choices are important. While decorating and painting should be an extension of your personality, what you don’t want to do is create a room that feels too busy. You have to think back to the purpose of the space, and the master bedroom needs to be somewhere you can relax and sleep in. A great tip is to consider some of the most popular shades to aid in relaxation. Blue and yellow shades are often the most popular to aid in sleep. With studies proving those with rooms of that color get over seven hours in total. However, colors like red and purple are deemed too stimulating, making it harder to relax and fall into a gentle sleep at night.

Of course, you shouldn’t dictate your decorating round science. So if red and purple happen to be your favorite colors then maybe considering pastel shades or lighter tones could be a great route to explore. Remember a color palette isn’t just about one color, you could choose a few that complement each other. Making it much easier when choosing bed linen and soft furnishings to style your bedroom once decoration is completed.


Make good choices with furniture

Your bedroom space, of course, needs to be functional. So this is where making good choices with your furniture could be a great way to take full advantage of the space on offer. Smaller bedrooms shouldn’t be solely dominated by a super queen size bed. So when purchasing bigger items try and make sure you take your room dimensions into consideration. Good bedroom furniture should offer storage options and a lot of space. A clear walkway around the room keeps it from feeling busy and crowded.


Create a clutter free zone

It is impossible to relax in a room where there are things everywhere. The saying “tidy house tidy mind” is very appropriate in the bedroom. Decorating gives you the chance to declutter those drawers and shelving space. The opportunity to throw out unwanted things that you no longer need. It’s very invigorating to minimise your living space, and the bedroom is a great place to start. You may want to read up on the Marie Kondo solution; it could transform your whole home. Once you know exactly what needs to stay creating appropriate storage solutions will ensure you keep the room a clutter free zone.


Make changes to ensure a restful night’s sleep

The main purpose of your bedroom is to get a good night’s sleep. So redecorating and paying the master some attention is a great way to make some changes to ensure you get the rest you need. Things like blackout window covers for your bedroom can be an excellent addition. Especially during the summer or if you have a job that requires you to sleep and rest during the day. You may also want to consider the atmosphere you create. So including some soft lighting options like lamps or dimmers on your switches for main lights. We all know that one of the ways you can get a great night’s sleep is to reduce the amount of technology before bed. So why not make your master a tech free zone. Adding things like cushions and blankets to make it more appealing to spend time in there doing other things like reading. Try and avoid using your master for other things like working or chores. Creating a haven where you can escape from the daily grind.


Don’t underestimate the power of candles

Candles are an excellent way to add ambience to your master bedroom. The soft glow is warming but relaxing without being stimulating. You could also take full advantage of essential oils like lavender, all aiding in a good night’s sleep. You can buy fragranced candles or invest in some oil burners to create the scent you want. Lighting a candle can create a relaxing mood in any room.


Create a feature wall for added designer looks

Decorating your bedroom doesn’t have to be boring. Creating feature walls where things are a little busier is a great way to make the room have a designer finish. Often people choose the wall that there bed leans against. Which instantly draws your eye to a focal point. You could use a different wall color, creating an accent wall. Maybe adding a feature wallpaper to create a different look. Or trying your hand at something more quirky like a photograph montage.


Take time to style your bedroom

Finally, spend time designing your bedroom with cushions and throws. These features can enhance your bedroom’s overall look and continue the color theme you have created.

I hope this has inspired you to spend some time decorating your master bedroom.