Sometimes, a white room needs nothing more than a few contrasting details to make it unusually beautiful. “Building” a welcoming, vibrant interior design on a white background is not only highly recommended in case of staging your home for sale, but also in day to day living. If you feel white spaces offer a bright, uncomplicated surrounding, but also love colors, this is a really great option to consider.

Popping colors help the rooms feel lived in while maintaining that pristine look of crisp white walls. The fist example of a pristine space adorned with colors that pop is seen in Sao Paulo-based studio Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados portfolio. Inside this stunning Californian home known as the Malibu Residence, a collection of carefully chosen colors throne in the bright spaces. Large and airy, the double-height living room benefits from the effect of natural light from tall windows bouncing off white walls and colorful art.

A white bedroom offers the opportunity to create a dream world and easily change its appearance with the help of colorful bedsheets or decorative objects. This particular bedroom shown below disguises its simplicity with the use of color. Modern and welcoming, the design of the Lovelli Residence in Bali comes from the creative collective conscience of Word Of Mouth Architecture. Focusing on designing an intimate, relaxing private space, designers have maximized natural light by creating a white background for it to bounce off. Flanked on 3 sides by green terraces, this interesting master bedroom was designed to be a versatile space where the bed, bathtub, sink and writing table meet in a comforting atmosphere pierced by bright colors.

Contemporary, spacious and open rooms can be livened up by a mix of crisp white walls accentuating the modern lines and a selection of warm materials and bright colors. Take as example this double-height space imagined by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design for the Shakin Stevens House: “The client requested a predominantly white interior with a feature highlight colour. Green became an obvious choice, working in combination with the proximity of the garden. The green spaces within and beyond the site became the focus with the white cubes acting as lens for these events – effectively assisting in bringing the green inside and dissolving barriers of enclosure. ” This is what a dream come true looks like – a pristine heaven where cheerful colors dominate the bright atmosphere.

Staircases can become a fusion of warmth and cold by combining materials and colors. Warm wooden floors accentuate the dynamic design captured within the staircase while glass railings help connect these details to shape a bold aesthetic. Connecting the two floors of the Pan-gyo Residence designed by Office 53427, these stairs prove that natural light bouncing off white walls looks amazing if matched with textured wood for a pop of color. The sculptural staircase leading from the living area all the way up to the rooftop terrace is made of an innovative, durable and elegant material known as HI-MACS®. This enabled architects to construct a dreamy wonderland defined by sleek details in design.

Another way to decorate a white bedroom is to use a soft color palette that enhances the feeling of serenity and guides your thoughts towards relaxation. Part of the Malibu Beach House by Jamie Bush & Co., this elegant bedroom displays white walls that create an atmosphere suited for both quiet evenings and energizing mornings. Architects goal to create “a serene and pure white modern, sleek beach house as a background to the ocean” was materialized throughout the home, culminating with this wonderful bedroom flooded with natural light. For a bedroom overlooking the ocean, the soft color choice harmonizes the views with the interiors and creates a reflective, relaxing space to come home to.

What atmosphere are you looking to achieve in your pristine space?
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