1 | The Matrix 

I appreciate the novelty of the production process of Tokujin Yoshioka’s Matrix Chair for Kartell. Its innovative 3D structure is made possible by the use of an injection molding technique. It reflects both Tokujin Yoshioka’s experimental ideas and Kartell’s sophisticated production technology. Aside from simply being well made, it’s quite beautiful, and like a jewel, it plays with perception and dimensions. tokujin.com 


2 | Birds of a Feather

The Peacock is a new interpretation of a beloved and classic chair. While respecting and retaining the majestic elements of such an iconic form, I tried to inject a fresh and modern twist. Unlike the traditional monochromatic wicker version, the Peacock displays the iridescent greens and blues that mirror the plumage of its namesake. Blending the best of traditional elements with something modern results in a timeless reinvention that will never go out of style. kennethcobonpue.com



3 | Budding Romance

There is a romance to the Russell loveseat that I find really inviting, like it’s about to lift off to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, with nothing but your sweetest dreams as a companion. Russell brings the allure of escape to your space as you lazily enjoy a summer’s day. kennethcobonpue.com


4 | Rattan Redux

It’s wonderful to learn that rattan, my favorite material to work with, is making a comeback this year, according to the Telegraph. Forbes also identified it as one of the design trends in Maison&Objet Paris 2017. Designed by Federica Capitani, the Forma petite easy armchair joins the rattan redux as it uses rattan to create a contemporary silhouette that brings out the material’s innate and natural beauty. kennethcobonpue.com


5 | Inside Out

The All Plastic Chair by Jasper Morrison for Vitra is a great piece on many levels. It’s very affordable, looks like an indoor chair, but is perfect for the outdoors because of its material. I think it’s strikingly compact and graceful, and the combination of plastic components makes it extraordinarily comfortable. vitra.com


 Kenneth Cobonpue, Furniture Designer and Manufacturer, kennethcobonpue.com


Photos courtesy of the manufacturers and designers