Known for its wealth of spices, Grenada offers countless options for adventure and R&R. By Lisa Rogak

Grenada is known as the Spice Island for its wealth of nutmeg, mace, cloves, and other spices, but the resorts and attractions on this 133-square-mile island also provide spice for the soul. Grenada is part of the the Grenadines, just 100 miles north of Venezuela, and with a population of almost 110,000, itÂ’s one of the more densely populated islands in the Caribbean. Year-round temperatures are idyllic, and thereÂ’s plenty of sun even during the rainy season in the second half of the year.

The islandÂ’s diverse landscape means thereÂ’s something for everyone, including an abundance of pink sand beaches. But head a couple of miles inland and youÂ’ll encounter dense rainforests via hilly roads with countless twisty hairpin turns. In fact, the altitude change means that itÂ’s not unusual for your ears to pop as you climb through the rainforest.

Watersports aficionados can enjoy sailing, snorkeling, and diving opportunities throughout the island, though a popular starting point is Grand Anse Beach. Snorkelers can explore Moliniere Point, a shallow, sheltered reef a 10-minute boat ride away, while nearby, divers can walk the decks of the Bianca C, a small cruise ship that sank off the coast in 1960. Whether you arrive by yacht or charter a windjammer for a day trip, warm waters off the coast provide plenty of sailing hours, while the islandÂ’s marinas keep you well-supplied. A popular excursion features jaunts to other Grenadine islands, including Carriacou and Petit Martinique, though itÂ’s possible to head farther afield with stops in Mustique, St. Vincent, or St. Lucia.

Grenada provides a wealth of activities for visitors, whether you prefer to laze on the beach or hit the ground running. And donÂ’t miss St. GeorgeÂ’s, GrenadaÂ’s picturesque capital city. Plan an afternoon to wander around the waterfront neighborhood known as Carenege for the best views of the centuries-old homes topped with red tile, and watch the yachts, boats, and ships as they glide in and out of the harbor. If you happen to be in town on Saturday, head for Market Square, when farmers, spice purveyors, and craftspeople come from all over the country to display their wares.

The Essentials Grenada

Where to Stay: Located on Pink Gin Beach, LaSource is an oceanfront resort that combines the best of summer camp, featuring group volleyball games, yoga classes, and archery lessons, as well as a daily all-inclusive spa treatment. 888-527-0044;

Where to Eat: Not only is the Belmont Estate a working agri-tourism farm—with the Grenada Chocolate Factory on the premises—but it also serves up great lunches, dinners, and killer homemade coconut ice cream. 473-442-9524;

What To Do: Hike a couple miles to the Seven Sisters Waterfall deep in the rainforest, with the guide services of Telfor Bedeau, a Grenada native who will give you the lowdown on every leaf and critter you pass. 473-442-6200. VeronicaÂ’s Visions is a local boutique featuring handmade island clothing and a selection of nutmeg-based body products and foods. 473-437-8154;