Atelier Newport’s second group exhibition, What Lies Beneath, opens July 28 and runs through September 9, at the newly renovated gallery, located at 200 Bellevue Avenue in Newport, alongside the historic International Tennis Hall of Fame.

What Lies Beneath, a group exhibit named for and inspired by Jemison Faust’s featured piece, explores objects and concepts which have been embedded or hidden just beyond view. Nineteen artists, working in a variety of media and reclaimed materials including tar, eggshells, and driftwood, explore the question “what is beneath, what is held back?”, and prompts the viewer to wonder what mystery lies just beyond the visible. This exhibition investigates what the artist chooses to reveal, and why and how that may be interpreted: what is being said, what is hidden or obscured, what is decorated or disguised, and what the viewer can – or cannot – observe.

Amongst other works, the viewer will find Mary Dondero’s, Osprey Nest II, a drawing reminding one of the temporal and ephemeral nature of existence; emerging New York artist Richard Nocera’s use of tar as a layering, sculpted, and obscuring medium; Hannah Stahl’s painting The Walls Themselves, which speaks to risks and exposures inherent in sharing; and Susan Mathews’ ceramic, Constrained in the Corner, a meditation on the limits of self-protection.

Atelier Newport has created a sanctuary and oasis for an eclectic mix of emerging and mid-career artists, each of whom has a deep connection to Newport. 

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Image Credits: Hannah Stahl The Walls Themselves.