If you’ve decided to rent out your home to vacationers, there are a few things you might want to consider. Renting is a big step, but one that can pay off if you do it right. You’re going to be putting a lot of trust into the people you rent to, and it can be hard sometimes to take the leap. If you think you’re brave enough to do it, good for you! Going into this decision unprepared can lead to disaster. Make sure you’ve considered all eventualities. Here is a list of things you’ll want to think about to ensure the experience goes smoothly.




If you’re completely open to who you rent to, you might want to advertise a public rental on your property. That way, anybody will be able to contact you and arrange a stay. This can be a fast and sure way to make money on renting. If it’s your first time, you might want to take things a little slower. Renting out to friends, or friends of friends, can be an excellent way to ease yourself into the renting world. Doing this will get you used to other people being in the house while giving you the ease of mind that they won’t trash the place. After a few times of doing this, you might find you build the confidence to rent to strangers. If not, you can stick with renting to acquaintances. Either way, it’s crucial to ensure you’re comfortable with the arrangement.




If your home is already decked out in furniture, you don’t need to worry. If not, it is possible to kit the house out with relatively little effort. It might be worth looking into ways to rent furniture. This can help with keeping the house separate because it’s not your furniture the renters will be using. It can feel understandably strange to think of someone else sleeping in your bed. If the furniture is unconnected to you, it can be easier to take the leap.




Introducing a deposit is crucial for your peace of mind. Knowing that you’ve got that money set aside will save you worrying about breakages. After all, even if things get broken, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the extra money already there! A deposit is a sign of trust between you and whoever is renting. It also offers them an excellent incentive to keep your home in perfect condition. People will be much careful with your belongings when it’s their money at risk.




Giving people clear, confident dates for arrival and departure is also a must. You don’t want them to think they can mess you around and outstay their welcome. Give them the dates from the off, and ensure keys are passed over on those days. Don’t be lenient with this. This is your home, after all. You must remain professional and detached; else you might find people taking advantage.