If you haven’t already tried a luxury villa holiday, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Staying at a specially chosen holiday villa in locations like Greece, Italy, France and Spain provides a vacation experience that offers every possible comfort while allowing you to stay in control of every aspect of your stay. If you need a little more convincing, have a read at our top five reasons for booking a villa for your next break.


1. Spectacular views

Many of these kinds of properties, such as Santorini Villas in Greece for example, are  situated in much more remote locations than the usual holiday apartments or hotels. The result of this is that you and your party will have access to stunning ocean or mountainside views: the perfect backdrop for enjoying complete relaxation and truly getting away from it all.


2. Competitive prices

As you will already be aware, luxury doesn’t come cheap, and that includes the best high-end villas across Europe and beyond. However, the cost of this kind of accommodation is comparable with a stay in a great hotel, for which you would get just one room and one bathroom. Booking a luxe villa as a group of friends or family members means that you can enjoy all the delights of the best holiday money can buy whilst diving the price among the group.


3. Your own private domain

Most high end villas are set alone within their own grounds, so you don’t have to worry about having to endure noise from other holidaymakers. The privacy of a villa means you can luxuriate in all that quiet calm, and you don’t have to fight for a space by the pool either. These properties usually have en suite bathrooms for each or most of the bedrooms, so even if you’re holidaying with a large party, you won’t have to fight to get into the shower or take your time with your beauty treatments.


4. Tailor made holidays

Staying at a gorgeous private villa means that you can tailor your break according to your specific requirements. If anyone in your party has issues with mobility, or a disability, you can make arrangements so that your villa accommodates every need. Food allergies needn’t be a problem, as you can control what everyone will be eating – rather than being at the mercy of an irate hotel chef.


5. Holiday your way

Taking a holiday in a high end villa means that you have total flexibility in how you spend your time. Hire a car and explore different towns and villages nearby, and enjoy a whole choice of shops, restaurants and places of historical and cultural interest.

A luxe villa is the only choice if you want a holiday that offers every possible convenience in a stunning setting, and that you can make as individual as you and your party are. For the discerning traveller, privacy and amazing views come as standard with this kind of property. Where will your villa adventure take you?