In a period of economic difficulty, one of the most obvious goals that people have in life is simply to be sustainable. It would be nice to dream of saving a lot of money and indulging in a great lifestyle but in an era when many people are struggling to stay in touch with their monthly bills and payments, sustainability is crucial.

When it comes to sustainability, there are three main pillars that all need to be met. These are:

  • Social sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Economic sustainability

During these challenging financial times, it is understandable that economic sustainability is vital for people, but the other two aspects also need to be considered and obtained. It would be very unlikely for a person or a family to be economically stable if they weren’t also environmental or socially sustainable, as the different elements impact on each other.

Business can offer guidance with respect to sustainability

While this is something that most people want to have in their life, it can be difficult to know what to do for the best. This is why people look for guidance from respected professionals, companies and even the government in tailoring their behavior. Of course, in the modern era, there is such a level of distrust for many governments that people are more likely to be inspired by businesses and businesses owners, and this will be more effective in changing people’s behavior. Whether your focus is on improving your sustainability at home or for your small company, following the lead of businesses that have shown good levels of sustainability makes sense.

The fact that there is a desire from people to lead a sustainable lifestyle means that companies are listening and providing suitable products and services. Companies can save money and improve their branding by offering sustainable services but ultimately, the fact that people are realizing the need for change is driving the movement towards sustainability.

Environmentally friendly products promote a sustainable lifestyle

There are many leading companies that are highly regarded for their sustainable actions but in 2017, Siemens score highly. The company, which is a German industrial conglomerate, is the sort of company that has helped Germany develop a reputation for efficiency in their output but they are also a company that has moved with the times. Siemens is regarded as a highly energy efficient company, often seen as the leading firm in their sector in this regard, and the fact that Siemens produces a greater volume of revenue for every kilowatt used than any other firm in the industrial sector says a lot about their sustainable efforts. The company can boast of having a minimal carbon footprint and their low employee turnover rate is also very appealing. The organization allocates an increasing portion of their work to environmentally friendly aspects, which is a great inspiration to many others.

Siemens understands that their business work impacts on people’s lifestyle, and the work they have carried out on products such as air conditioning and heating systems has helped homeowners to enjoy a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. When companies produce affordable environmentally friendly products, it becomes a lot easier for individuals to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Cisco Systems are one of the most highly regarded United States organizations in terms of sustainability. The company is a market leader with respect to networking and IT but they are also seen as a diverse company. The ratio of Cisco senior executives that are female, 38%, compares very well to the All Country World index ratio of 21%. Equality and diversity are very important factors in the present day and the lead of companies will influence the actions and beliefs of people all around the world.

There are also organizations that are led by individuals who are making a difference in the modern day. Vangelis Marinakis may be best known for his ownership of football clubs in Greece and England but he is also the founder and the chairman of Capital Maritime & Trading Corp. Marinakis is regarded as one of the most influential people in the shipping industry. Alongside his company and football teams, he has won many awards and received significant recognition with respect to their charity work. Marinakis is also known for his philanthropy work, significantly supporting a variety of Greek children’s charities.

Many business owners and boards understand that improving the lives of their customers and the world around them helps people and their business. There are many benefits that are derived from a sustainable outlook, and this is why sustainability in business is becoming hugely important.