Avid wine collectors will be thrilled to see a collection of fascinating wine rooms that place the focal point on their beloved wine bottle cluster. When your simple wine rack becomes overcrowded, you just know you’re in for a treat – your very own wine room displaying a bespoke combination of details. Wine cellar design has fulminated into a fascinating world of dreams, where wine bottles line up in a customized way. Whether you choose floor-to-ceiling racking or expect to have a spectacular design dominating this special room, your new wine room can become more than just a place you visit before special dinners.

From functional simplicity to luxurious design details, wine rooms around the world hold the key for your inspiration. Let’s take a look at some amazing spaces where wine has been made king.

First up, a wine cellar so special, it can be considered a masterpiece in its field. The Wine Cellar pictured above was designed by Beckwith Interiors – it captures a sense of bold style rarely seen in wine cellar design. Perfect for entertaining in style, this luxurious wine storage space showcases carefully chosen wood racks on the walls enhanced by a fascinating arched acrylic storage. Integrating LED lighting in the project, the space blossomed into a contemporary example of successful wine cellar design.

The next wine storage project is part of a resort villa on France’s Côte d’Azur – an inviting wooden concoction displaying various wine bottles in oblique storage spaces placed along the walls. A simple, functional and stylish design, this wine cellar provokes guests to draw inspiration from colors, textures and space arrangement.

Custom wine storage can occupy an entire wall in the tasting room, as shown below. This particular wine display can be found in the Zeidler Residence, a contemporary home imagined by Ehrlich Architects. A sophisticated material palette ensures the wine storage is perfectly integrated in the wine tasting room, creating the perfect atmosphere for wine connoisseurs to enjoy a bottle of the owner’s favorite aroma and take part in the discovery of new tastes.

Another way to organize your wine bottles is to store them in a room that can comprehend your collection without looking empty or overcrowded. Concrete slabs placed against the walls create an interesting effect in the modern wine cellar seen below. Bottles were left in plain sight, adorning with their shape the light-colored walls. Spot lights place the focus on the wine display, creating a pleasant atmosphere where wine tasting is enjoyed alongside the carefully chosen material palette. Part of a Mt. Bonnell residence remodeled by Mell Lawrence Architects, this wine storing space is calibrated with the rest of the house’s design, perfectly balancing itself with the needs and wishes of the inhabitants.

Depending on your collecting habits, the wine room will have your own style print, so choosing the materials, textures and display method assisted by professionals will transform your dream into reality. Rustic charm can become a beautiful theme for your contemporary wine room – take as example the wine collection pictured below. It is part of a charming gourmet/wine tasting cellar known as Adega Gourmet and designed by Teresa Gouveia as part of the Casa Cor Trio project. Here, niches accommodating up to 500 bottles of wine define a pleasant atmosphere that seems to be almost carved entirely out of wood.

Whatever materials, textures, colors and displays you might use, remember to enjoy the whole process of dreaming, sketching, choosing, decorating and tasting!
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