Landry Design Group spans the globe to stay ahead. By Terri Ogan.

ohjf10_architecture_3Influenced by the hilltops of Tuscany or the beaches of Santa Monica, the Landry Design Group creates and builds extravagant and luxurious homes all over the world. Whether itÂ’s a bluff-top home in the Palos Verdes Estates or a beachfront villa in Cap dÂ’Antibes, France, this award-winning firm is known for its versatility and outstanding quality of work.

“We pride ourselves for not having a signature style,” says Richard Landry, creator of Landry Design Group. “When we sign a new project, no matter what our clients have in their minds, we’ll get to it.”

The LA-based firm has projects underway in 10 different countries including Malaysia, China, Japan, Singapore, France, England, Russia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Landry himself was given the “Stars of Design” award from the Pacific Design Center in 2004. But a constant challenge in Landry’s work is in understanding the cultural difference in architecture. Whether it’s a project in Asia, the Middle East, or Europe, each client has different tastes.

“Chinese clients come to us because they like what we do, but we have to understand the floor plans,” Landry says. “They do a lot of frying and don’t want the smell to travel, so they always have to have two kitchens.”

Landry bases his work off of what he calls “hybrid architecture,” which involves using classic designs that are adapted to current lifestyles. “Our lifestyles are so different from the early 20th century,” he says. “We can’t copy houses. We see what’s out there, we make it our own, and we really listen to our clients.”

While Landry says his firm hasn’t been hit by the recent decline of the real estate market, he credits his success to international projects and good old hard work. “Before the recession we were doing a lot of work overseas, and there’s no recession there,” says Landry. “We’ve been so lucky, but we work hard to get lucky.” Landry Design Group, 310-444-1404,