First there was the yacht, then, thanks to Roman Abramovich’s $485 million Eclipse, the world was introduced to the super luxury yacht. Now there is a new toy in town, that is, if it ever gets built. One that, although not closely competing with Abramovich’s price range, offers a complete utopia to any passenger on board. Yacht Island Designs  has taken ships to a new level and has created designs for yachts that feature each aspect of their name. Yes, that means a private tropical island that is situated on a giant-sized personal luxury yacht.

The concept of the idea is not half as outrageous as the actual features on some of these vessels. A miniature volcano, flowing waterfall, mountain stream, and valley pool flanked by a series of small bamboo huts and shelter-providing palm trees, are some of the few things that are all set upon (and concealing) a cruise-ship-style deck. Like many cruise ships, YI designed outlets for those who are looking for a little sea-wide adventure. On many ships an extendable deck can be deployed belowdecks via a fold-down hatch in the hull; this opening revealing stairs leading to shelters, seating and other detachable smaller sea-faring vessels for short off-ship excursions.

But YI Designs is not quite done yet – they propose to build the ultra-rich vessels they have yet to dream of, if they have the wealth to afford them. Concepts include a remake of the streets of Monaco, a Chinese sailing ship and a kind of abstracted Taj Mahal on the water. Insane? Perhaps, but if there is a market, who knows – these may actually be constructed some day. “‘The Streets of Monaco’ is the first design proposal. The theme is based around the Mediterranean principality with the primary focus being the famous grand prix circuits,” says YI Designs. Will this concept ever become real life? Who knows. But one thing is for sure, if it does, sign us up.