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Daniel and Vangie Pepper’s Seattle lake home needed to fuse together their contrasting styles—he likes eclectic, and she likes elegant. Their residence had to be modern but relaxed, traditional but livable, and bring the couple’s vision of a classic Italian countryside villa to life in present-day.

To help them realize their vision, the Peppers enlisted interior designer Lisa Staton and architect Tim Hossner. Hossner positioned water and courtyard views to allow a cascade of natural light into the home’s living spaces, while Staton chose creamy tones, natural textures, and select antique furnishings to meld together the homeowners’ tastes. 

“It was really very diverse stuff,” says Hossner. “Modern, traditional, and everything in between. But to me, it all had the feel of being very tailored and crafted.” And to tie everything together, the Peppers chose Carlisle Wide Plank Floors to design a floor that would be the perfect foundation throughout the home.

The ten-inch wide Walnut hardwood flooring from Carlisle reduced the number of noticeable seams that a standard hardwood floor might have, allowing the rooms to flow into one another without visual distraction. While the grain of walnut has a traditional feel, the width of the planks was ideal for this contemporary home with an open floorplan. 

In waterfront homes like the Peppers’, wide plank floors provide the visual cohesion needed to connect an open layout. Keep reading to discover why wide plank floors are one of our top picks for your coastal or lakefront home. You too can find the perfect foundation for your home. 

  1. Durability

Wide plank floors are cut from the heartwood of old growth trees, meaning they have a denser, less porous grain pattern. Carlisle sources only U.S.-grown, high-quality lumber for their wide plank floors, and each floor is made by hand, board by board. In fact, each board is handled by over two dozen pairs of hands from start to finish, ensuring the highest-grade final project. 

2. Longer, Wider Boards Add Value and Beauty

Wide planks and long lengths are “in” for both the value they add to the home and the beauty they bring. It’s simple math—wider and longer planks create fewer seams and joints, which dramatically simplifies the floor’s visual effect and allows the beauty of the wood to stand out. By upgrading from a three-inch width to an eight-inch or wider, you will reduce the number of seams in your floor by eighty percent.

3. Test of Time

Early New England colonists crafted their floors of sturdy wide planks—and some of these floors still hold up today, hundreds of years later. Constructed of huge, mature trees, these floors were built to last a lifetime or more. Today, Carlisle channels that vision with distinguished craftsmanship, creating high quality hardwood flooring that’ll continue to maintain their timeless beauty generation after generation.

4. Endless Customization

Since each Carlisle floor is made to order, every floor is a custom floor. One of their wide plank specialists will walk you through your project, discussing colors, textures, special finishes, and the overall character of the floor. After determining your needs and wants, Carlisle will handcraft your floor exactly to order. Waterfront homes’ styles can vary greatly—but Carlisle’s unique ability to customize means their floors will work in perfect harmony with any home. 

Carlisle has earned a reputation as the leader in wide plank flooring through innovation, integrity, and sustainability. All of Carlisle’s flooring is made in America with responsibly sourced domestic hardwood and reclaimed wood from sawyers who are committed to sustainable forestry practices, and who provide the highest quality material available.

Below, view the video and see more imagery from this beautiful Seattle waterfront project. To explore Carlisle’s Collections and learn more about their direct-to-consumer wide plank floors, visit wideplankflooring.com.

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