I’m inspired by family traditions and the stories that our belongings tell about us. Rincon Road has a strong belief that everyone has a story to tell. It’s our mission to create environments and products that weave the stories from our travels and pieces of our past, to draw forth a sentiment that honors our clients’ past, present, and future lives. My selections below are inspired by Rincon Point, the beach I grew up on, and the casual gatherings of friends and family.” 


Mix and match this Splatterware by March in San Francisco for the perfect laidback look with plenty of style. Its splatters bring to mind the shells and pebbles that I would spend hours hunting for at low tide. marchsf.com 

Dining Table 

I find most of my inspiration from the surrounding landscape, and love to bring the outside in. This dining table by Mark Tuckey reminds me of drift wood and the old piers dotting the coastline. marktuckey.com 

Functional Art 

Bespoke surfboards by fashion designer Heidi Merrick and head designer at Chanel Islands Surfboards Britt Merrick combine function and art impeccably. heidimerrick.com

Truck + Lifeguard Photos 

Matt Albiani’s coastal-inspired photography captures moments that evoke nostalgia and that feeling you get when your toes hit the sand. Two of my favorites—this truck and the lifeguard sign—are from Mate Gallery. mategallery.com 

Rincon Flag 

The Queen of the Coast is proudly represented with this handmade flag by Slightly Choppy. Growing up with Rincon as my backyard has influenced many of my designs. silghtlychoppy.com

Dining Chairs 

I love to use materials that only look better with age, especially on the beach. These dining chairs are hand made by Croft House with a hand-stitched detail on the back. crofthouse.com

Light Fixture

This double arm pendant light found at Nickey Kehoe reminds me of the horizon line where sea meets sky. It’s simple and elegant but takes nothing away from the view. nickeykehoe.com