For a decade, Brooke and Steve Giannetti have shared their life at Patina Farm, a place readers have come to know as a reflection of Brooke and Steve’s design collaboration and a fulfillment of their dreams.

For anyone who has loved the Giannetti books about Patina Farm, this book continues the aesthetic in a variety of styles.

Patina Homes is the first book to feature the architectural brilliance of Steve Giannetti, whose image of beauty is a place where modern, classical and industrial elements are merged to create exquisite environments enhanced with antiques and modern, refined interiors.

The book features twelve varied homes—ranging from a modern desert glass box and a beachfront contemporary to a historic East Coast farmhouse and a Provencal-style home in California. He has collaborated with his wife, Brooke, as well as other designers on the various interiors.

Each was carefully crafted with a textured palette and Steve’s signature materials, resulting in understated elegance. With a dozen houses that range from modern desert to beachfront contemporary to East Coast farmhouse and a Provencal-style home in California, Steve and Brooke reveal the vision for fulfilling the dreams of any homeowner.

Steve Giannetti’s architectural designs springboard from his image of ultimate beauty—a place where modern, classical and industrial elements merge to create a unique style with a modern sense of space and emotion drawn from history. His materials palette consists of wood, metal, and stone. His color palette is a chalky patina.

Steve and Brooke Giannetti own Giannetti Home, a full-service architecture, interior, and landscape design firm as well as a home furnishings, clothing, and antiques store. Their work has been featured in numerous national magazines, and books, including Veranda, Luxe, Millieu, and Country Home.

Together they have authored three other books: Patina Style, Patina Farm and Patina Living.

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