For many of the world’s best designers, the chance to imagine every element of a 300-foot-long superyacht (from the overall exterior lines and naval architecture down to the tiniest interior detail) and then see that vision come to life would be a dream come true.

But Andrew Winch and his multi-faceted, award-winning design house in London are special. They do that—for yachts, private planes and high-end land-based architecture—all the time. 

You don’t need to own a superyacht to have Winch Design superyacht sophistication in your home. WINCH MEDIA

In fact, not only were six Winch Design yachts (Tis, Excellence, Aurora Borealis, Here Comes the Sun, Phoenix 2 and Plvs Vltra) on display at the Monaco Yacht Show last month. The 365-foot-long Tis (built by Lurssen) won the award for the Best Interior at the Monaco Yacht Show, and the 263-foot-long Excellence (built by Abeking & Rasmussen) was won the overall award for the “Finest New Superyacht” as well as “Best Exterior.”

Winch’s superyacht designs inspire all of his firm’s collaborations.MICHAL BAGINSKI

But here’s where Winch and his team have done themselves (and us) one better. Instead of just resting on their considerable accolades in Monaco, they launched a myriad of innovative collaborations that anyone who might not be able to afford a custom-designed superyacht will love as well. 

According to Winch, all of his design teams are inspired by nature and the details behind each of collaboration comes from the colors and textures found in the natural world. 

Form and function come together beautifully on this “cloud-based” reg collaboration between the Rug … [+]WINCH MEDIA

As a result, their collaboration with The Rug Company, “…captures moments of calm. Sunlight reflecting off water. A burst of golden morning sunlight. Inky skies after a storm, and the intricate textures of a fine coat.”

The Arc by Winch Design for Summit Furniture.SUMMIT FURNITURE

Meanwhile, the Arc by Winch Design collection with Summit Furniture is a fresh, modern and beach club inspired play on the rattan weaving traditionally found on luxury yachts. 

Andrew Winch celebrates his collaboration with Turnstyle Designs.WINCH MEDIA

Turnstyle Designs teamed up with Winch Design to create the Labyrinth range of hardware. Winch Design collaborated with Foglizzo on six new leather designs, and their collaboration with Thomas Mercer resulted in this exquisite, one-of-a-king Mercer clock surrounded by honey onyx clam shell mold

One-of-a-kind Thomas Mercer clam shell clock.WINCH MEDIA

But after riding the entire 650-mile long London to Monaco charity bike ride with the ever-youthful Andrew Winch last month, I know he’s most proud of the money he and his team have helped raise for the Blue Marine Foundation to help protect the world’s oceans. 

The hand tufted Tai Ping rug is inspired by the peace and raked stones of a Zan garden.WINCH MEDIA

In fact, Tai Ping and Winch Design not only worked together to create a one-of-a-kind rug featuring a three-dimensional aerial view of a Japanese Zen garden made entirely using hand tufted techniques that was on display recently. Tai Ping’s leadership was so inspired by Andrew’s efforts to ride and raise money to help save the oceans, they donated over $15,000 to help the cause.

I told you Andrew Winch was special didn’t I!