The restored midcentury home of architect John Ike in San Diego allows him to entertain guests and family from January through December. He created several outdoor entertaining areas to maximize the space and embrace Southern California’s indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Large windows with glass doors connect the living room with an east-facing deck.

“I travel between New York City and California often to visit our San Francisco office and catch up with family and friends. The design of my San Diego home echoes the coastal, laidback lifestyle of California. The goal was to create as much outdoor space as possible.” – John Ike (pictured left), Partner, Ike Kligerman Barkley,

1. Natural Light
The handwoven living room light fixture, made in Mimbre, Chile, is a nod to California’s native basketweaving culture. It brings the outdoor lifestyle indoors.

2. Fire and Light
Great for relaxing in the afternoon, the deck is equipped with a fire table by RH for chilly evenings.

3. Vintage Finds
The simple yet detailed design of this Mid-Century Arthur Umanoff Patio Dining Set puts an easy spin on the indoor-outdoor California culture.

4. Soft Landing
Muted colors for pillows and seat cushions allow the city backdrop to shine.

5. Decked Out
Large terracotta pots and tall plants recreate the feel of the surrounding landscape.