Handcrafted mosaic art company Mozaico has recently completed a dazzling custom artwork for the iconic Mayfair House Hotel and Garden in Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami, Florida. The mosaic medallion, some 12 feet in diameter, creates a sense of movement and dimension in the newly renovated hotel lobby.

The custom mosaic was assembled from from the 30,000 hand-cut marble stones, that were set by hand into the piece in a process that took eight expert craftsmen more than 16 weeks. Pieces of cut marble were added one-by-one using tweezers or fingers to map out the linework in the early stage of bringing the mosaic to life.

The medallion has a deceptively minimalist design in a palette or blue, white, and gray. However, upon closer inspection, there is an expansive range of shades and tones at play. The rendering and design of the mosaic were created in close collaboration with interior designers responsible for the Mayfair renovation project. Mozaico’s team searched far and wide for the highest quality marble in colors that precisely matched the intricate design and create a sense of depth, shade, and movement.

When the piece was complete, Mozaico placed it on a football field in order to photograph the final artwork, due to its impressive scale.

The Mayfair, which was designed by architect Kenneth Treister and built in 1985, reopened in September after a $50 million renovation. The newest iteration of the hotel is focused on art and culture, featuring the work of photographers, sculptures, folk artists, and more, as well as rooms that each have their own unique style.