Moving into a new home is one of the most stressful pursuits in life. Trust us, we’ve done it nearly 20 times! It never gets any easier. The best way to get through it is to imagine the big picture. Think about your life when you’re finally settled into the new home. Maybe it’s an ocean villa or a larger house for your family. That lifestyle will keep you going in the most stressed moments.

Our other major tip is getting everything right on moving day. It should be a seamless, simple journey. It will require planning, foresight and problem-solving skills. But, start thinking about it early, and you’ll have no trouble at all. Follow this simple process to make moving day quick and stress-free. Okay, maybe not entirely stress-free, but we’ll do our best!

1. Plan Ahead. We can’t stress enough how important planning is. We’ve seen movers wait until the big day to start packing up their boxes. Wrong idea! Start packing non-essential items up to a week in advance. Source your cardboard boxes, because these are a nightmare to find at short notice! Go through your home and itemize every possession you have. Write it all down and match it to a corresponding, labeled box. It will save you lots of time at the other end, and you’ll ensure nothing is lost or stolen.

2. Liaise with your moving team. A good removal company will be in touch with you well before moving day. They’ll come and scope out your house for difficult items and make arrangements. They’ll talk to you about any special needs you might have, and they’ll take down as much detail as possible. In return, you should give them the address of the new place well in advance. This will give them time to look at the area and plan their access and parking. We also suggest giving them a sketch layout of the new home. That way they can take the box marked ‘kitchen’ straight to the kitchen!

3. Put things in storage. It’s always best to make a clean start when you move home. Take only the essential items with you and put the rest in self storage. Start your new life with a clean slate, and make sure everything has its place. Then you can start bringing everything else over. Self-storage is also a good way to keep large items well out of the way while you get on with the move.

4. Moving day kit. You may not feel like unpacking everything at the other end. Instead, take a small moving-day pack. Make sure it is clearly labeled and you can get to it quickly. It should contain all the immediate necessities. You might want to include a change of clothes, a toiletries bag, cleaning supplies and toilet roll. As soon as you arrive at the house, you’ll have everything you need.

5. Say hello to the new neighbors! Now it’s time to relax; unpacking and decorating can wait until tomorrow. For now, introduce yourself to your new neighbors, and order take-out. It’s a right of passage for all new homes!

We hope these five tips make your moving day that little bit easier. Enjoy a long and happy life in your new home!