So much of the beauty of a coastal home lies in its proximity to nature. Crisp ocean breezes, the sweet scent of salt water, the warmth of the sun—these are the things that draw so many people to the idea of a home at the beach. Even better, coastal homeowners get to enjoy that outdoor beauty for far more of each calendar year than others who live in colder climes. 

To truly get the most out of living near the ocean, why not extend your home’s livable space to the outdoors by creating a backyard patio oasis? With a few of the following creative ideas, you can transform your backyard patio into a dreamy coastal paradise for yourself, your family, and your guests. 

1. Throw Some Shade

Warm, glorious sunshine is one of the best parts of living on the coast, but to truly get the most enjoyment out of your backyard patio, you’ll need to throw a little bit of shade its way. You can do this by constructing a simple pergola or wooden frame. Make it even shadier by draping it with a canopy to shield the area beneath completely. A colorful, large umbrella or awning can achieve the same effect. Before you decide on a specific shade option, though, take a close look at the way the sun moves in the sky over your yard. This way, you’ll know where the brightest spots are and how to position the cover for the best results. 

2. Green Is Keen

It might not be easy being green, but adding some green to your backyard patio oasis has never been easier. Think about adding plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs to create different levels surrounding your patio for visual interest and a greater sense of privacy. Be sure you select plants that will thrive in your coastal climate. For instance, lampranthus creates a lovely climbing effect and would look great growing up a trellis. Lantana will give you a lovely ground cover, while string of pearls makes a great hanging plant and trails beautifully. 

3.  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Lights

Twinkle lights aren’t just for outdoor cafes and teen girl bedrooms. You can find a dizzying variety of styles and bulb shapes to suit just about any aesthetic. Twinkle light strings aren’t terribly pricey, so you can get a few different styles to create real visual interest for your patio.  

4. Echo the Ocean

Whether you choose a small plug-in fountain or build a larger in-ground water feature, it doesn’t have to be difficult to bring a little of the ocean’s peaceful vibe to your backyard oasis. You can find lots of ideas for water features online, many that can be built by even beginner DIYers in a day or two. Make sure the water never gets stagnant, so as not to attract mold or mosquitoes. 

5. Have Some Seats

Give careful consideration to your seating options. You’ll want to create a general seating area with a few options to suit your family and guests. Bypass the matching patio furniture sets and think more eclectically, while adhering to a color or style scheme to unify the look. Choose neutral-toned upholstery (you’ll see why in the next tip!) and make sure you test out the seats before you buy. 

6.  A Riot of Color

Now that you’ve got the basic bones of your oasis, add a riot of color to spice things up! If you’ve got neutral upholstery or seating cushions, liven it all up with throw pillows of different sizes, shapes and bright colors. Choose a mix of solids, prints, and patterns and go wild. 

7. Cooking With Gas (or Coals, or …)

Go beyond the gas grill by creating a full-service outdoor cooking area. Add a sink, basic storage with shelves and cupboards, a mini-fridge, and a prep area to minimize trips to and from the home’s main kitchen. Then you can keep the activity completely outside, while making sure the chef can stay involved in conversation with everyone else. 

8.  Build an Outdoor Shower

Is there anything better after a day at the pool or beach than coming home to rinse off in the great outdoors? It’s a more expensive option than the other ideas on our list, but if your family and guests enjoy being outdoors near the ocean, it’s a lovely luxury to enjoy. Keep it close to your home to minimize your plumbing costs, and add water-resistant flooring, proper drainage, and a privacy screen. 

Build the Beachy Backyard Patio of Your Dreams

Creating a backyard patio oasis will help you get the most out of your beach home. Best of all, enjoying all that the beach and ocean have to offer doesn’t have to mean a huge financial investment. Implement a few tips at a time to suit your budget. Let the internet help you generate creative ideas of your own with examples from other homes, and choose what makes the most sense to the way you and your family live today.