Curb appeal is all about making sure that your property is designed in a way to impress neighbors, onlookers and potentially, home buyers. If you want your home to be valuable, you need to work on its curb appeal. It makes sense then to think in terms of ostentation because nothing is more impressive than a few ostentatious style choices. So, what type glitzy, glamorous style options could you add to the front of your home?


Cars That Appear From Nowhere

If you really want to impress people driving by your property, you should think about investing in the underground garage. Ripped straight from Batman comics this is now a very real possibility. With an underground car garage and a lift, when you head out to work at the start of the day, your car can appear from nowhere as your driveway opens up. The cost? We’re not going to lie, this feature could ultimately end up being almost as expensive as the car! Still, there’s no doubt that it would make quite a few of your neighbors jealous.


Seeing Double

Most people have a singular front door on their home, but if you want your property to seem a little more grandiose, you should certainly think about remodeling your home to include a double door. Just imagine opening both up to guests visiting your property or showing potential buyers around the place in the future. You can’t help but be impressed when the front door opens like that of a castle. The best part is that you can get some truly stunning double front door designs that look contemporary and would be a perfect fit for the modern home.


Drip Drop

If you’re not too worried about the cost of cleaning and maintenance you could opt for an extensive and elaborate water feature at the front of your home. The type we’re talking about here could be similar to an artificial river. With the right work, this can look incredible. Although, you can always scale back and instead choose to install a water fountain in the center of your front lawn. While still impressive, the work to complete this one won’t be nearly as extensive.


Panoramic Views

Since you live in a home with beautiful views, you probably want to make the most of it. Don’t settle for those typical house windows. Instead, remodel your home to incorporate one massive window at the front of your home that allows for incredible panoramic views of the area around your home. Worried about privacy? That can be fixed with electronic blinds that completely cover the window when you want to make sure that you’re not being spied on by nosy neighbors.


Going Gated

Or finally, you can opt to heighten the security around your home. Nothing makes people more curious about what type of luxurious features lie hidden within a home than one that has a massive steel gate. Add some tech thrill by making sure it’s automatic and that it will open as soon as you pull up to it, without even the click of a button.