Outdoor heating specialist Bromic has announced the launch of a new range of marine heating solutions for residential applications in coastal areas. Already available on some of the world’s most luxurious cruise ships and superyachts, the new Platinum Smart-HeatTM Electric Marine heaters are made of high-quality, AISI316 stainless-steel and were specifically engineered to provide superior resistance to the corrosive elements of coastal and marine environments.

With their slim, aesthetic design and wind-resistant, radiant heat output, the Platinum Smart- HeatTM Electric Marine heaters are the ideal solution for residential properties in coastal surroundings.

The Platinum Smart-HeatTM Electric Marine is available in a white or black finish and can be recessed directly into the ceiling, wall-mounted, or suspended from the ceiling to ensure they blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Featuring the most advanced heating technology on the inside and a premium, translucent ceramic glass screen on the outside, the Platinum Smart-HeatTM Electric Marine heaters spreads radiant heat evenly across a large area while minimizing unwanted light emissions.

Bromic Heating is a global leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of premium gas, electric and portable outdoor heating technology for the commercial, residential, and marine sectors. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the company operates across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific and is recognized around the world as an industry pioneer, having revolutionized the market with its patented Smart- HeatTM technology.

“Properties in coastal environments have very unique requirements when it comes to outdoor heating applications,” says Karl Tschauner, director of sales at Bromic Heating. “Salty air and ocean spray are a real threat to most materials, including stainless-steel, so outdoor heaters are no exception. Our marine heating range is unique as it not only withstands the corrosive effects of salt spray, but also offers the most effective heat transfer on the market, providing comfortable warmth even when there’s a slight sea breeze.”

The Platinum Smart-HeatTM Electric Marine range can be ordered in either 2300W or 3400W models for heat coverage of up to 108 feet . In addition, Bromic offers a range of smart control options, including wireless dimmer controllers that can precisely regulate the heat output for the ultimate in user comfort and ease of use.

For more information, visit bromic.com.