Who doesn’t love kicking back in the sun and making the most of the warm weather with friends? And what better place to have luxe lounge-around parties than in your own garden. Why not create a restaurant-worthy dining area, a colorful chill-out zone and sizzling suntrap for all your guests? So, if you’re looking for some ideas on how to create an incredible outdoor space, then read on.


Dreamy Dining Space

Want to create a multi-season dining space? The why not invest in a pretty pergola or canopy on the terrace that can shade you in the sun and shield you in cooler weather. And we’re not just thinking any pergola here. We’re thinking one with cutting edge design and striking lines. Use hanging lanterns or string fairy lights in trees for added ambiance. And attach flowering clematis vines across the structure for a natural rustic feel. Think about using white washed or limestone tiles on the floor, or go for sleek decking if that suits your style more. Invest in a weatherproof table that seats at least ten. And keep your dining area near to the kitchen so you can easily come in and out with food and drinks. And don’t forget to include a high-tech barbecue that all the boys will want to get their hands on. Make this area feel like a fluid extension of your home.


Colorful Chill-Out Zone

Be inspired by all the colors of an exotic beach holiday and make your chill-out zone a super swish space to relax in. Choose wicker sectional sofas for a chic luxury hotel feel. These modular pieces are great for moving around into your own designs. And they offer tons of seating space, just perfect for parties and socializing. Wicker is great for the outdoors as it doesn’t crack, peel or fade. Dress with plush cushions in aquamarine, orange or yellow for a sizzling summer feel. In this section of your garden also place a couple of sleek fire pits for extra warmth and light as the sun starts to set. Palmetto trees will add a touch of elegance and the exotic to this space too. And jasmine and lavender bushes will create pretty colors and delightful scents. The chill out zone is also a great place to add a striking water feature that can soothe and relax. And don’t forget a wireless music system too.


A Sizzling Sun Trap

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor swimming pool, then create a terrace around the pool that works as a sun trap zone to cool off after swimming. Even if you don’t have a pool, it’s still a good idea to create a sun trap zone for those that want to get a tan in the peace and quiet. Make this area sophisticated and plush with sumptuous sun loungers and comfortable cushions. Include a mini table next to each lounger for a glass of Champagne, cell phones, and books. Also include a small shelving unit for beach towels, suntan lotion and ice buckets. Free standing obelisks, greenery, and manicured lawns will add even more luxury to this space.