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Having privacy in your own home is a priority for many people. The thought of anyone looking into your house or yard isn’t a very appealing one. But if your property is close to the street, anyone can look in as they walk past. Your neighbors also might be able to see into your home. While you might already have frosted glass in the bathroom or blinds in the bedroom, there are other ways to make your home more private. If it’s privacy you’re after, here are some of the ways to achieve it.


Privatize Your Backyard

You might already feel that your house itself is private. However, if you have an open backyard and close neighbors, people may be able to see in. Many people are fine with the idea that someone might be able to see them gardening or sitting out with a cocktail. However, if you want a more private space, there are a lot of ways you can get one. The first thing you can do is install a privacy fence if you don’t already have one. If that’s not enough, or you don’t like the look of a fence, plants or trees are another option. Not only do they create a visual blockade, but they could keep noise in and out too.


Shield Your Windows

Inside, your primary worry is likely to be that people can look into your windows. If your windows don’t already have frosted glass, you could choose to apply a film to give them the same effect. However, if you would rather keep your views, there are other options. Some beautiful interior shutters will make your home more private and secure but still let in some light. Curtains are another option at night, but you probably don’t want them closed during the day. You could also try some thin blinds that still allow the light to come through.


Rearrange Your Living Spaces

Are your living spaces currently at the front of the house, probably on the first floor? If you want to reduce the chance of people watching you go about your day, there’s another option. You can consider rearranging your home to put the bedrooms at the front of the house and move your living spaces upstairs. People passing by won’t be able to see into your living room any longer. In the bedroom, you can have the curtains or blinds over the windows most of the time. If you spend more time awake in your living room than in your bedroom, it might make sense.


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Privatize Balconies

If you have any balconies, you might not enjoy the thought that people can see you sitting out on them. A privacy screen is often an excellent option to solve this issue. Some people put bamboo or something similar over their balcony railing to offer them more coverage. You could also have other plants or foliage to create shade for your outside space.


It doesn’t take much to make your home more private. Some small changes could keep out nosy neighbors.