We’ve seen a lot of interior design trends over the years. We’ve seen quaint cottage kitchens and rustic living rooms. We’ve seen pastel bedrooms and marbled tiled bathrooms. Many of these trends are your usual showhome type styles. Things we’ve seen time and time again. Although there’s nothing wrong with these staple trends, we thought we’d look a bit outside of the box. At some of the quirkier home styles. If you want to show off your creative side, here are some incredible design ideas.


In most modern homes, we tend to declutter as much as possible. People want that minimalistic feel; that lets everyone know they’re organized. So, if you wish to go against the grain, then you need to love clutter. There are plenty of different ways you can try this design idea. You can fill your walls with quirky picture frames or clocks. You can decorate your shelves with a variety of different knick-knacks and antiques. Have a bit of fun with it! The important thing to remember is that it should be organised chaos. You don’t want to leave a pile of books in the middle of the floor so that your 300 china frogs can sit on the bookcase. This isn’t messy, this is chic clutter.

Weird and Wonderful Seating

Something we’ve seen a lot of recently is weird and wonderful seating. From mismatched chairs in dining rooms right through to blow up sofas. This is a part of the home that you can really have some fun with. You can buy bean bag chairs for all of your visitors to sit on. Or, you can make your own garden benches out of pallets. You can go to thrift stores and buy up lots of old dining chairs. Give them a polish and sit them around the table. We love the weird and wonderful seating trend, for a quirky home.

Chalkboard Walls

This is another quirky idea we’ve seen a lot of recently. Especially in kitchens, studies and bedrooms. You can buy chalkboard paint from a number of different DIY stores. Paint one section or one whole wall using the black paint. Invest in some chalks and write all over your new wall. This is great for those who have busy lives. You can use it to relay messages to the rest of the family. It enables everyone to get a little bit creative, by drawing on their own walls. Yet not in the toddler, felt-tip pen kind of way.

Quirky Wallpaper

Last on our list is wallpaper. Something that has certainly divided the design world for quite some time. The good thing about wallpaper is that it makes it a lot easier to create a quirky home. You don’t need to spend hours painting murals on the wall. Or feel boring with dull paint colours. You can get so many beautiful wallpaper patterns, which show off your personality. How about fake bookcase paper in the living room? Perhaps you want a tropical rainforest in the bathroom? Let your imagination run wild! When you’re bored of one style, take it down and replace with something else.

We love the idea of a quirky home! It’s sure to get your friends and family talking. Plus, it’s just a little bit different from what we’re typically used to. Will you be trying out any of these quirky home interior ideas yourself?

Image Credits: Photo by Dennis Wong.