For years, people gave their bathrooms little thought. Regarded as a place there they spend a few minutes of the day, design in the bathroom wouldn’t be extravagant and it would be the last room in the house to be subjected to artistic flair. However, today that has all changed.

With a rise in attendance at spas and more time given over to personal care and pampering, the bathroom has become somewhat of a haven in the home for many people.  Gone are the plastic shower trays, fluffy bath mats and brass toilet roll holders of old and in are more luxurious, desirable and stylish options

As a retreat, in which a person can relax in the comfort of their own home, more and more people are seeking this luxury in the bathroom. While luxury does often come with a price tag, there are a number of minor touches that will add some luxury to your bathroom.


Adventurous Accessories

The accessories in your bathroom don’t need to be expensive to add a touch of luxury, what they do need to be however, is adventurous. Think about placing things in your bathroom that are far from conventional. With unusual artwork on the walls, striking clocks and unexpected ornaments, your bathroom will be given a less than conventional edge. Consider pictures featuring bold and luxurious colors, large vintage looking clocks, and black and gold ornaments for a bathroom with a difference.


Commanding Color Pallate 

Color is key when it comes to interior design and this is especially true in the bathroom. For a luxurious look, choose your colors and choose them wisely. Consider a color palette that includes classic colors such as blacks, whites and golds rather than brighter colors.


Add Glints of Gold

We mentioned in the previous point about using gold within in your color palette, this can be done with fabulous effect by reserving it for your accessories. Be careful not to go overboard with the gold. Instead focus on glints of gold. Consider adding gold Victorian door knobs to your doors for a touch of old-age elegance, gold ornaments as previously mentioned, and of course also choosing gold taps, plugholes and perhaps even pipes.


Utilize Stripes

When it comes to your walls, stripes will add instant style and also make your bathroom appear larger. Choose vertical stripes to seemingly extend the proportions of the room to make it appear taller, while choose horizontal stripes to make the room appear wider. To achieve this effect you could use striped wallpaper or for a cheaper option you could paint the stripes instead.


Store Cosmetics and Wash Products

Like most people you probably use 10s of products when it comes to washing and pampering, and quite often these products will be on display. To achieve a luxurious look, hide these products away. They will all feature different designs, all of which will feature an abundance of colors, which will detract from the luxury you are trying to achieve. Instead keep them hidden away in a cupboard or a cabinet, or even better transfer them into new bottles and containers, which are more complimentary to the colors and textures in your bathroom.


Extravagant Lighting

Aside from the bathroom suite, if there is one thing you should consider spending a little bit extra on, it is the lighting for the room. Adding a chandelier style light to this room will instantly transform it from ordinary to extraordinary.

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