Buying a property can be quite stressful. So when you have a property that needs work, or you are planning on updating your existing home, it can feel like an overwhelming task to take on. Renovating your home can provide you with a huge opportunity to design your home yourself or to make your interior space work better for you and your family. It’s an exciting prospect, but if you are still worried then here is everything you need to know about renovating your home.


Don’t forget to invest plenty of time in the planning stages

Anything other than a conservatory will require planning permission from your local council offices. It’s can be a lot of paperwork I admit, but it’s one of those things you simply cannot avoid not to do. Many people take on renovation projects in the hope of building up or out, so permission is something that will need to be granted. Of course, extensions like this can add huge value to your home. You will also be best to seek the services of an architect to draw up plans. Getting this right the first time is essential for a smooth process.


Make sure you have a budget in place

Make sure you have a budget in place for any renovations that are taking place. Also one thing not to forget would be contingency fund. The likelihood is that your project is going to unearth some unforeseen problems. Whether big issues or small ones. It could be anything from a leaky roof to foundation issues. That contingency fund is there for those emergencies, ensuring you can stay on track with your budget and not overspend.


Consider the materials you want to use

A renovation project or a complete remodel of your home gives you the chance to try new materials. You may want to consider making your property more eco-friendly. Or perhaps try materials that are more sustainable. Do some research into the options that are available.


Don’t be afraid to hire help for certain projects

When it comes to home remodeling you may need to get some professionals to carry out certain jobs. Experts in certain trades will enable those jobs to be done quicker and much more efficiently. You may think that hiring additional labour will increase your cost, but it can be a cost effective way of keeping you within budget. Don’t take on things you can’t handle.


Invest time and money into the most valuable rooms of your home

Finally, ensure you spend a lot of time on the bathroom and kitchen. These two rooms can add a substantial amount of value to your property when done right. Think about your overall finish and ensure that you utilise the space in both rooms as best you can. Whether you are selling or living in this renovation project, those rooms are not only the most valuable but the most used.


Image Credits: Photo from Peter Cadoux Architects.