1 I On the Wing

This striking seven-panel installation by Spanish artist Juan Carlos Collada captures the delicate beauty of migrating butterflies. Brimming with hand-painted feather butterflies and displayed in acrylic cases, the art will add a whimsical touch to any contemporary residential setting. colladaart.com


2 | The Light Fantastic

The clever creative minds at Regina Andrew Design have reimagined contemporary lighting with their Concord Chandelier. Comprised of three metal cylindrical shades in various sizes and hung at different levels, the minimalist chandelier takes home lighting into the future. reginaandrew.com


3 | She’s a Fan

If your ceilings are low and you want to add a modern, clean-lined element, this Irene three-blade fan is perfect. With a drop of only 10 inches and a sleek spherical motor, the fan comes in various stylish finishes. matthewsfanco.com


4 | Chain Reaction

Sometimes the simplest patterns are the most impressive, and these Chaine Femme handcrafted tiles fall within that truth. Inspired by chain mail, the interlocking geometric shapes create an eye-catching puzzle design and look effortlessly chic in any coastal home. fireclaytile.com


5 | Branching Out

We’ve been looking for bronze panels to use in a client’s home and recently discovered David Wiseman’s Collage Garden Gate Doors. The L.A.-based artist incorporates decorative motifs from Japanese textiles with branches and delicate ceramic blossoms to exquisite effect. Custom orders via r-and-company.com.