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1. Do your research

You’ll need to find out exactly what you can and can’t grow in your garden. It’s important to consider what is suitable for your climate, and if it will grow in your garden.

Ensure you do plenty of research online before planting or buying foliage. You’ll need to consider plants for both shaded and sunny parts of your garden.

It’s also worth keeping in mind how much time you have to commit to your garden. If you can’t dedicate the hours for upkeep, considering something low maintenance.


2. Remember al fresco dining

These days, gardens aren’t just about planting bulbs and growing flowers. There is so much more to having a garden. Entertaining outdoors is an excellent way to spend a summer evening.

When investing in furniture, don’t forget to consider how many people you invite over. There are a lot of options from dining sets to lounge suites. You could even find bean bags for the kids!

Don’t forget to buy a cover to protect your furniture during the winter months.


3. Lighting is essential

Outdoor lighting is important if you’ll be entertaining in the garden. There are a lot of choices available, from outdoor fairy lights to hanging lanterns.

For everyday use, it’s worth investing in solar lights. Solar lighting is a great way to light up your garden without having to think about it. They don’t cost anything to use and are quick to set up. They are affordable too, and available at most lighting stores.


4. Cook it up!

Everybody loves a BBQ in the summer. Choosing a BBQ is usually pretty straight forward, but why not mix it up a little and choose something unique?

Outdoor pizza ovens are getting more and more affordable. Ideal for larger parties, or just for those who love pizza. There are even some great DIY tutorials available online if you fancy a challenge.

If pizza isn’t your thing, what about a kotlich? Just assemble it in your garden, light a fire, and warm up a stew. The great thing about a kotlich is they are completely portable. So, you can always take it down to the beach or camping, too.


5. Just a bit of fun!

If you have the room, you might want to consider a hot tub. Ideal for the evening to unwind alone, or to have a glass of wine with friends.

Despite paying the initial investment, you’ll start using your garden so much more. You’ll gain the most out of your property, and start appreciating your garden.

If you’re a real spa seeker, you can install a small sauna outside. You’ll save hundreds of trips to your local spa. Feeling brave? Stick a cold outdoor shower next to it!