There are lots of different styles you can choose for your home, but one is beginning to be very popular in many places. You only have to take a look at some of the most popular boutique hotels in London to see examples of it. It’s classic and timeless while at the same time being modern and up to date. There are lots of clean lines and bold geometric forms, but they’re balanced with symmetry and classicism to create a comfortable luxury look. You’ll find warm colors, and soft fabrics mixed with neutrals and fancy touches for a homely but refined look. If you want to know how to get it in your home, have a look below for some of the things to include in your design.


There’s an enormous color palette for you to play with to get the look you want. You can use warm tones, from browns to blues, purples, and greens. But pastel shades and vibrant colors will also look great when you use them in the right way. Try to create a warm and welcoming feel that emphasizes a feeling of home. You want everything to look modern without seeming to be cold and lifeless like some newer styles do.

Comfortable, Stylish Seating

To create this modern but timeless look in your home, your seating should have a luxury look, but it also needs to be comfortable to sit on. You can combine the modern and the classic by choosing vintage styles mixed with modern patterns and quality. For example, you might select a chair in a Louis XVI style but with a modern design, such as a colorful floral or striped seat. Your sofas could have clean edges in warm or neutral hues, and you could add to them with accent cushions.

Adding Textures and Patterns

Don’t be afraid to add bright colors to the room to create a luxurious ambiance. Be careful that you don’t go too overboard, however. If you want to introduce strong pieces, try to limit it to one or two items on a neutral background. For example, you might choose white walls but have a colorful patchwork-style sofa or chair with a number of patterns and textures. Use heavy drapes for a vintage feel or contemporary window coverings instead.

Mix and Match

The trick to getting this unique style is combining the contemporary and classic to create a stunning effect. Don’t focus too much on one or the other or else your room will end up looking old-fashioned or too new. Carefully select your new and “old” pieces, whether you buy everything from modern stores or add some antiques. Create lots of layers and details so that your home isn’t too sparse and has true personality. It should have just the right amount of old and new to appear timeless.

Plan your new interior design carefully so that you can get the look just right. You can look at examples for inspiration to help you decide what to do.

Image Credits: Charlotte Holmes.