What do you do when your ocean home has limited space and can’t quite see the sea because of other houses around it? The owners of this contemporary home in Marbella, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, turned to the talented Wiel Arets Architects, who cantilevered the house’s pool from its roof, so the beach and sea can always be seen while swimming or sunbathing. Designed with an infinity-edge, so the water merges with the sea in the distance, the pool also has a glass-bottom floor allowing people below to view those swimming above. The searing Spanish sun constantly filters through the pool’s glass wall and floor, creating ripples of iridescent turquoise light and reflections throughout the entire house. The result is an avant-garde ocean home by masterful architects, based in the Netherlands and Switzerland, who take the glass ceiling concept to a whole new level. wielaretsarchitects.com

Image Credits: Photo by Jan Bitter.