When you’ve got that luxury seaside estate you’ve always wanted, you might think that your job is done. Yet the truth is that any property could use a bit of refreshing. You want to add the flair the home is supposed to have, so don’t settle for a job that’s half-done. An interior is relatively easy to fix compared to giving the exterior the kind of head-turning curb appeal that can make it really stand out. Here, we’ll look at a few elements that can create the kind of prestigious outdoors that you’re supposed to have.


Use that land

There’s a good chance that your luxury home has a good amount of land you own surrounding it. Yet you may find that it doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the property. Unfortunately, many don’t quite see what they have and leave it as little more than a patch of grass. But it can be so much more. Landscaping projects can help you extend the design of the home or contrast it to striking effect. A clean cut pool house can be an excellent accompaniment to a contemporary style home while a fireplace and outdoor kitchen can give you a comfortable outdoor atmosphere to go with a more rustic house.


Think about the View

If you live with a view of the best of your town or city, or you’re overlooking natural beauty on the coast, then you want to make good use of it. But picture doors do a lot more than add a view for you and a refreshing dose of natural light for the interior of the home. Size matters when it comes to the exterior or the home. A glimpse on the inside does as much for the profile of the exterior as it does the interior. It shows off the best of your interior décor and allows you to better coordinate a unified style both outdoors and indoors. That kind of openness also makes the home a much better space for entertaining guests with a seamless transition between different areas.


Know How Color Works

Depending on how much greenery you use, your choice of colors that will give the profile of the home the depth it needs is limited. There are a lot of wrong choices that can make it easier for elements like dirt to be noticed, tarnishing the view. To rectify that mistake, dark green creates a harmony between the home itself and the garden around it. Meanwhile, dark blues are well-loved for coastal homes, playing off the aquatic theme while bringing with it themes of mystique and the deep blue of royalty and nobility. You might think creams and whites add a clean look to the home, but they will need constant care to keep that pristine appeal.


It’s all about creating a window into the lifestyle you promote without sacrificing privacy. Owning land isn’t as impressive as using it, whether for decorative or entertaining purposes. Make sure your exterior doesn’t look abandoned compared to the inside of the home.

Image Credits: Photo by Claudia Uribe.