Whether you would like to create a stunning decorative wall or embed your cabin’s design in the surrounding landscape, stone walls are the perfect connection between outdoors and interior spaces. A home decorated with one or many stone walls will always display that imposing elegance defining castles and a pinch of that traditional well-being. Knowing that you spend your days close to a beautiful natural material like stone, you will be more inspired in your daily activity.

Stone walls as explosive focus points

English design studio Baynes & Co imagined an unexpected decorative element for the stunning contemporary Wickstead Lodge in England. The two story residence features a sculptural dining space under a high ceiling, adorned by a spectacular glass wall with a stone curtain on the outside. At night, the facade looks lit up by holes in the wall, as if the house was not properly constructed. The large hanging light contributes its light to the outdoors spectacle and its beauty to the interior space arrangement.

Stone walls as binders

A holiday cabin built just for the enjoyment of you, family and friends is often mistaken with a tear-down old cabin, but it doesn’t need to be. Stone walls can beautifully become part of your wooden cabin design, integrating the new construction in the rocky landscape. A stunning example of modern architecture showcased by this Buholmen Cabin inspires us to choose the best surrounding we need to make us happy and then find solutions to integrate our life without disturbing surrounding nature. Project managers of Skaara Arkitekter AS designed this beauty in Norway, giving it life with a pine facade, sedum-moss roof and a stone wall to capture the natural coloring of the surroundings.

Stone walls reaching to shape ceilings

There’s nothing like living in a splendidly remodeled apartment with reinterpreted design lines. Vaulted ceilings seem to have been made to capture the beauty if stone walls ascending up to become part of the ceiling. Successful renovations of old apartments are challenging, but the results are magnificent. The exceptional Jaffa Apartment (designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects ) overlooking the Mediterranean Sea was brought back to its original charm. Accentuating the natural-colored atmosphere, modern design lines and contemporary furniture create an up-to-date residence.


Stone walls flanking the fireplace

A tall living space can be  defined by stone walls, keeping the main idea contemporary at all times. If a room with a modern fireplace needs to become more sumptuous, stone walls add that extra dimension reminiscent of the glorious castles once acting as residences. Can Manuel d’en Corda by Marià Castelló Martínez on the Spanish Formentera island showcases traditional dry stone walls that allow it to blend in with surrounding farms. Original exposed walls were partly enveloped in vertical panels housing the electrical installation and indirect lighting, creating a rustic yet modern atmosphere.
Find the perfect ways of accentuating a stone wall in your home and enjoy its splendor!