The high-end swimming pool has become an art form unto itself, and anyone considering a new pool (or a remodel) should take heed of the hot trends making a splash in ocean home pools from coast to coast.

Topping the list is the pebbled finish, an increasingly popular technique based on an aggregate material lining the pool rather than the traditional gunite surface.

For Frank Juliano, co-founder of the highly regarded Pool Tek of the Palm Beaches in Florida, which has used the pebbled finish for more than two decades, it’s a no-brainer. “At least 99 percent of all the pools we build or rebuild get a pebbled surface,” he says, pointing to a very long warranty and a spectrum of 40-plus colors. “The surface is very easy on the feet, beautiful to view, and the tiny polished pebbles gleam in the sunlight.”

Carla Sovernigo-Pawella, president of Alka Pool Construction in Vancouver, Canada, says glass tiles are also a rapidly growing trend.

“Glass tile is a wonderful and beautiful surface,” she adds.“There really is no better way to bring that resort feel to your ocean home than with a glorious glass tile pool.”

Sovernigo-Pawella says glass tiles are as smooth as traditional ceramic tiles for edging and design features, but have a depth of color that adds dimension when combined with sparkling clear pool water.

Shallow shelves built into swimming pools for tanning or lounging in both water and sun are another emerging pool trend for 2015.

“These shallow ledges, called tanning shelves or Baja steps, are incredibly popular,” says Bruce Dunn, president of Southern California-based Mission Pools. “These ledges, usually 8 to 10 inches deep, have space for chaises or umbrellas, and provide a shallow play area for children making them very family friendly.”

Al Rizzo, of Connecticut-based Rizzo Pools, says nature-inspired pools surrounded by rocks and fed by cascading waterfalls have become popular in the northeastern states.

“These pools not only give the feeling of swimming and relaxing in a forest pond, but the sound of running water is also very soothing,” he adds.

The design of pools is also changing, with the Master Pools Guild noting that “knife-edge” pools are emerging as a challenger to the popular infinity-edge pools.

A knife-edge pool raises the water to the same level as the pool deck, then drops it into a slot to create a mirror- like effect and a seamless transition from deck to water. Nothing, it seems, stays the same.

Image Credits: Photo courtesy of Pool Tek of the Palm Beaches.