Interior design trends can change almost as much as fashion trends nowadays. As soon as you think you’ve created the ultimate in show-stopping homes, the trends change again. You don’t have to always be one step behind though! Just like with fashion, there are ways to keep your home on-trend by using key staples and making a few tiny changes.

The Staples

We will look at the small changes you can make to keep your home on-trend later on. However, let’s first take a look at those important interior design staples. These are the trends that aren’t going to change every 5 minutes, meaning you’ll always stay in fashion.

– Light colors – Ensure you’re picking light and neutral colors for the walls, floors and ceilings in your home. Think of this as your base or canvas, ready for you to make the tiny changes needed to stay on-trend.

– Avoid Patterns – The difficulty with patterns in interior design is that they may clash. A beautiful patterned couch may be on-trend one day and then so out of fashion the next. Try to avoid patterns where possible.

– Minimal – Again, look at turning your home into a blank canvas that can be adapted to suit each trend. With this in mind, a minimal interior design will ensure you have the base to create something truly spectacular.

– Your Personality – It’s good to keep things minimal, but you should always add a touch of personality too. This means pictures, knick-knacks, and whatever else says, “This is me.” After all, you’re not creating a show home – are you?

Quick and Easy Changes

Now you have a blank canvas to work from; you’re free to adapt your interior design to suit any new trends. From shabby chic to industrial, these quick and easy changes will ensure you’re always on-trend.

– Getting Arty – The wonderful thing about buying art prints is that you can find something to suit practically any style or trend. Vintage posters, abstract, pop art; there will always be a print that fits in with the interior design theme you’re going for.

– Curtains and Cushions – The two C’s, and the reason we’ve said to avoid patterns. If you have neutral furnishings, then you can change the whole look of a room just by buying new curtains and cushions. You can even make these yourself to save a fortune.

– Feature Walls – What colour is in this season? Go big, bold and on-trend by painting a feature wall. The best thing about just painting one wall is you can cover it up and repaint without much effort when the trends change.

– Upcycling – If you’re trying to work the vintage or shabby chic look then upcycling is the way to go. Repainting old chairs, sanding down old tables, there’re loads of ways to upcycle the things in your home. You’ll be saving money and the planet, too.

These quick and easy changes mean it is so simple to stay on-trend in the interior design world. Your friends and family won’t be able to believe how often your home changes style, or that it takes you mere hours to do it.


Image Credits: Photo courtesy of Phil Kean Design Group.