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LaCantina is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing large opening door systems and is dedicated to creating products that open spaces. Its comprehensive range folding, multi-slide, and swing door and window systems are available in a variety of material options including aluminum, aluminum thermally controlled, aluminum wood, contemporary clad, wood and vinyl to complement any architectural style.

“From the very beginning, we recognized that we were offering more than just doors — we were offering our customers a lifestyle choice. Our mission is to provide innovative, high-quality products designed to transform our customers’ lifestyles with open spaces — improving the quality of life and making it better,” said Lee Maughan, General Manager and Vice President of LaCantina Doors.

At LaCantina Doors, customer service extends from the top to the bottom. “We strive to have each individual think like an owner, put ourselves in the customer’s position, be a team player, take responsibility and treat all our customers with respect,” added Maughan.

In addition to the Pulse Award for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, LaCantina Doors has been named Houzz’s “Best of Customer Service” for four consecutive years, underlying the culture of exceptional customer service at LaCantina Doors.

For more information on LaCantina Doors, please visit www.lacantinadoors.com

Image Credits: Photo from LaCantinaDoors.com.