Living in your holiday home, might seem like a great idea. Even Christie Brinkley is doing it! But is it in reality? Living in a beautiful place can be a dream come true. But you do need to make sure that you are choosing to make that property your main home for the right reasons. Read on to find out whether you are ready to make that move.



One of the most motivating elements of moving into your holiday property full time is often to make use of the good weather. The sun appeals to many people. Retirees sometimes need a warmer client to improve their health. While the young want fine weather in which to complete sporting pursuits like sailing and surfing.

Remember though that when you are in your holiday home, it’s likely to during vacation time, which of course are likely to have the best weather. What is the temperature and rainfall like outside of these peak times? Will it be suitable for what you want, or will you just end up being shut inside a smaller house with less to do in the local area?



The next thing you need to consider before committing to living in your holiday retreat is the practicals of moving there.  Especially if it is abroad. How will you transport your furniture, clothes and cars?

Some residential movers offer an international service, so it’s worth costing up how much it will be to take your possessions with you. Or you could always buy new there, but this will be a huge cost and hassle.


Off Season?

After many years of happy vacationing, some people fall in love with the area that their vacation property is located in. Then they start to dream of living there full time. If this is the case for you, it’s worth visiting a few times in the offseason, before you make your final decision.

Seaside and holiday locations can have a very different feel when they are not full of tourists. Some people like this, as it’s quieter and they have the beautiful areas to themselves. But some realize that it is the atmosphere and buzz of all those people that they thrive on. So make sure you know which one you are before you make your choice.


Everyday is a holiday?

Lastly, whether it’s a mobile home or a ten bedroom villa, people love their holiday homes precisely because they are holidays homes! These homes give them a space to get away from their day to day lives. It’s somewhere to relax, where stresses and strains can reach them.

But remember if you make your holiday home your permanent residence then all of your everyday drudgery and problems will come with you. So when deciding whether to live in your holiday home full time, think long and hard whether it will actually work for you. Or whether it’s just the idea of a 365 day holiday that appeals.