Anyone who’s ever spent time in New England knows that it has one of the most polarized climates in the country. With brutally dry winters peppered with snowstorms and humid, sticky summers with temperatures that regularly soar into the nineties and beyond, it’s not an easy place to own outdoor furniture.

And near the beach in New England, specifically in a seaside village called West Barnstable on Cape Cod, the humidity situation is all the more dire. Bags of potato chips go stale in thirty minutes. But one homeowner was able to install an award-winning outdoor kitchen with the help of NatureKast, a line of weather-proof outdoor cabinetry.

Based in Ontario, Canada, just outside Niagara Falls, NatureKast creates 100% weather-proof cabinetry, paneling, and trim that imitates the look and feel of real wood. Using PVC and resin, they construct cabinetry in countless finishes and doorstyles. They’re all hand finished, they all look and feel like real wood, and they’re all guaranteed to stand up to humidity, thunderstorms, scorching sunlight, blizzards, and more, without ever warping.

The founder of NatureKast, Michael Moras, originally a traditional woodworker, found himself frustrated by wood’s lack of durability when it came to exposure to the elements. It would easily warp or split when exposed to water or humidity. If part of the panel dries faster than the other part, stress on the panel will cause it to bend or become distorted. Even worse, consistently damp wood will rot. So, Moras set out to create something better.

NatureKast isn’t made of wood, but rather two types of manmade polymers. PVC, a strong, lightweight plastic used in all different types of industries, is completely waterproof and easy to clean. They use a weld-like bonding process to construct their PVC cabinet drawers, making them some of the strongest on the market. Resin is a porous foam that’s compressed and molded into a dense, durable end product. Using molds cast from real wood, NatureKast makes their doors, drawer fronts, and panels look just like they have a natural grain.

During case studies in which NatureKast was compared to both teak and real cypress wood, both were exposed to stimulated rainfall. Both the teak and the cypress wood warped significantly, while the NatureKast remained perfectly true to form.

And unlike stone and other masonry alternatives, NatureKast offers frameless cabinet designs to ensure no wasted space. It also allows for simple installs and plenty of construction flexibility. It can be customized to fit all your outdoor appliances —the design options are limitless.

When designer Glenn Meader of Good Life New England was asked to design this ultimate Cape Cod outdoor kitchen, he was able to pull out all the stops. The NatureKast cabinetry allowed him to accommodate an undercounter refrigerator, an ice maker, refrigerator drawers, and a gas grill—all this tucked into a custom corner under the deck and overlooking the gorgeous pool area.

A structurally sound, aesthetically beautiful, fully functional outdoor kitchen is more valuable now than ever before, as we look to spend more time in the comfort and safety of our own backyards. These West Barnstable homeowners can rest assured that their outdoor kitchen can withstand all the nor’easters, salty sea breeze, and intense humidity that Cape Cod throws at it.