Phyllis Ripple, owner and creator of ecoFiber Custom Rugs, has deep-rooted passion for the rug industry. She travels annually to Kathmandu to meet with highly skilled weavers to discuss style and trend. Her unique eye for design is exemplified in the brand’s universal appeal for both the architectural and interior design communities in the U.S. and abroad. As such, ecoFiber Custom Rugs is a stand out in the arena of rug creation.

ecoFiber Custom Rugs are primarily created in a neutral palette of earthy tones due to the use of nettle and hemp. The variation in tones is dependent on the material’s growth. The fundamentals that set ecoFiber Custom Rugs apart from other rug companies is Ripple’s choice of using an ethical and environmental approach to production. Every order is specific and individualized, and created by master weavers without the reliability of electricity, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of ecoFiber’s rug construction.  Ripple is also a proud seven-year member of GoodWeave, whose co-founder, Kailash Satyarthi, won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work towards saving boys and girls who toil in obscurity and ending child labor in the rug industry by 2020. 

As previously mentioned, ecoFiber Custom Rug’s are crafted with the hemp. This additionally ensures that whether they are placed beachside, fireside, lakeside or mountainside, their quality, durability and value will not fade. 

ecoFiber Custom Rugs is a pillar within the design community. Their commitment to suitability and beautiful artistry make them a one-of-a-kind fine rug manufacturer in the world. 

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