Looking forward to planting your new coastal home lawn next spring? Think again.

“Most people think spring is the best time to plant,” says Jackson Madnick, an award-winning environmental water and energy conservation expert and the creator of Pearl’s Premium, a low-maintenance and chemical-free lawn seed offering year-round lush green grass.

“If you plant in spring, the new shoots can’t hold their own against invasive summer weeds,” says Madnick. “If you plant a new lawn or overseed your existing lawn in fall, the seed benefits from warm days and cool nights, fall rain and moisture, and is mature by the following summer and can defend itself better against weeds.”

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners spend 40 hours per year mowing their lawns, use large amounts of chemicals and spend half their yearly water bill on lawn irrigation.

Pearl’s Premium, based in Wayland, Mass., aims to change these troubling statistics with its break- through fourth-generation lawn seed that is redefining the way people grow and maintain their lawns, especially in harsher coastal climates.

“Ten years of intense research, with support from four of America’s top turf scientists, have resulted in a mix of the best native and adaptive seeds that grows much slower and develops much deeper roots than other grasses,” says Madnick.

“Our eco-friendly grass is so low-maintenance that it requires 75 percent less water than other grasses, never needs chemicals, stays green all year and requires mowing only once a month or less.”

The seed’s roots, extending 12 to 14 inches deep, tap into naturally occurring moisture and nutrients to minimize watering, stop erosion and help the lawn tolerate drought and salt better than other grasses.

Inspired by his mother, Pearl, and her lifelong commitment to the environment, Madnick says his lawn seed not only saves people time, money and water but also addresses global concerns about water, health and climate change.

Grown in all 50 states, Pearl’s Premium is the only grass to receive LEED credits from the United States Green Building Council, and was recently honored by the Boston Museum of Science as one of the three most important patented inventions to come out of New England. pearlspremium.com

Image Credits: Photos courtesy of Pearl's Premium.