Séura has announced a new, advanced outdoor TV feature that is exclusive to Séura Storm Ultra Bright outdoor televisions – Séura Adaptive Picture Technology. The patent-pending technology has 110 picture mode variations that adapt as outdoor lighting conditions change throughout the day and night to ensure the best outdoor viewing experience. Adaptive Picture Technology is the first ever solution that automatically adjusts both backlight brightness and picture settings to create the optimal television viewing experience outdoors.

“Consumers naturally expect their outdoor technology to work the same way their indoor technology works – meaning they don’t even need to think about it…it just works,” said Keegan Coulter, Séura Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

One of the biggest differences in outdoor versus indoor TV viewing experiences is the amount of light exposure. An outdoor TV must perform in a much broader range of lighting conditions, operating in direct sunlight, complete darkness and everywhere in between.

Séura engineers invented Adaptive Picture Technology, a feature that automatically adjusts backlight brightness and picture contrast in response to changes in outdoor lighting. This was accomplished by creating picture mode variations made up of 100 brightness settings and 10 LCD picture adjustment settings – something that no other indoor or outdoor TV manufacturer offers. This feature is available exclusively on Séura Storm Ultra Bright outdoor TVs, making it the only outdoor TV with this technology.

“Viewers outside want the best possible picture regardless of what time of day it is. They don’t want to have to constantly adjust picture settings as the sun is changing position or clouds move to still enjoy watching their favorite show,” explained Coulter. “Now consumers can always have the best outdoor viewing experience and enjoy the best version of their television picture without pushing a single button.”

Unlike other TVs, Séura outdoor TVs with Adaptive Picture Technology gradually adapt to ambient lighting with 110 unique picture modes for a smooth transition from bright sunlight to soft moonlight. In the span of a one hour TV show, you may have significantly different outdoor lighting conditions. Séura Adaptive Picture Technology ensures that you will be experiencing the best version of that show at all times.

Séura Storm Ultra Bright outdoor weatherproof TVs are available in 42-inch, 47-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 84-inch sizes. For more information about Séura, visit www.seura.com or call (920) 857-9069.