Is it a yacht? Is it a houseboat? Think again. Welcome to The Floating House, an architectural masterwork that takes the concept of living by design to a whole new level. The ingenious creation of Poland-trained and Singapore-based architect and interior designer Dymitr Malcew, this unique concept home can be anchored on a bay, lake or lagoon, or docked at a marina or pier, to create a coastal home like no other. Depending on the location, site conditions and climate, each floating house can be custom- designed to suit a client’s needs and lifestyle. Measuring approximately 72 by 26 feet, the compact floating home features a living room, kitchen and bar table, two bedrooms and baths, and a wraparound deck to maximize the surrounding water views. A series of columns, separated from a nonstructural curtain wall, supports the roof structure and allows for micromovements on the water surface. It’s fast to assemble, can be easily relocated and offers a stunning out-of-the-box coastal living experience.