A new membership service offers homeowners the chance to purchase quality furnishings at retailer discounts and wholesale costs, writes Carol Sorgen.

Design-savvy homeowners who enjoy decorating their own homes now have a viable and exciting option right at their fingertips — literally. Thanks to New York design firm Salisbury & Manus Interiors, sophisticated home furnishings buyers can now join the new Luxe Club, a first-of-its-kind membership service allowing customers to search for quality home furnishings online and visit manufacturers’ showrooms where they can purchase directly at retailer discounts and wholesale costs.  

“There are a lot of people who have the knowledge to furnish their own homes but not necessarily the resources,” says Tracey Gibbons Furman, principal of Salisbury & Manus, who launched the firm with her husband, Alexander Furman, in 1998.During the week, the couple is busy with their many large-scale design projects that infuse traditional English style with an easy, modern approach. On the weekends, these busy parents can be found on one athletic field or another with their three kids.”Those two aspects of our life define our style,” says Furman, citing comfort, color and sophistication as primary factors. “We want to create beautiful and livable interiors for young families who want to enjoy their homes and connect with family and friends.”The Salisbury & Manus Luxe Club Membership has been 15 years in the making. Until now, says Furman, buyers have had no online option to gain access into showrooms. “While clients have always come to us for soup-to-nuts whole home design, increasingly their friends and families have been clamoring for help with smaller-scale projects,” she says.

“We are proud to fill this market need through the introduction of Luxe Club to customers nationwide. The membership really opens doors for those who want to furnish their homes with high-quality decor but don’t necessarily need hand-holding or extensive consultations.”

Furman and her husband may have had this revolutionary brainstorm but it’s the Internet that is the driving force, she acknowledges. “With just a click, the consumer is in the driver’s seat,” says Furman. “If you’re willing to do the legwork yourself, there should be no barriers to purchasing what you want.”

An annual membership fee of $795 brings access to Trade Only Showrooms throughout the country as well as net pricing on fabrics, wall coverings, furniture, lighting and decorative accessories.

Most major top-of-the-line brands are currently available, including Hickory Chair, Cowtan & Tout, Nancy Corzine, Stark Carpet and Phillip Jeffries. Price quotes are emailed directly to Luxe Club members with an option to purchase.

Furman acknowledges that this online membership is designed exclusively for individuals who have experience designing their homes, and have the confidence and skills to decorate independently. “The savings and convenience offered with our membership are unique and specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s savvy customers who also have busy lives and families,” she explains. salisburyandmanus.com

Image Credits: Salisbury & Manus.