Modern designers tend to favor a minimal look over busy interiors. Some of the top interior designs in the world are pure and white. You might want to recreate this trend in your household. Getting things right can be a challenge, however, with a little help, you can transform any room into a beautiful, stylish haven.

When painting and decorating the room, you should choose a color that is slightly off-white. The mistake many decorators make is choosing a crisp white color because they think it will look sophisticated. In reality, pure white tends to look cold and sterile. It almost looks as though you have forgotten to paint the room at all. That is not the look you want to go for at all. You should choose a color with undertones of yellow or pink. These tones don’t have to be overbearing—they they can be hardly noticeable—but they have to be there.

Get sleek storage units

Storage is important when it comes to this look. You don’t want any closets jutting out at weird angles. Instead, you want the area to look as though there is nothing in it. You could get some closets from the Sliding Door CC collection, which look seamless in any room. You might want to get pieces with mirrored doors so the room appears larger than it is.

Choose your design features wisely

When it comes to choosing design features for your interior, you have to pick ones that suit the room. You can’t have too many different pieces in the area, or you will ruin the minimal theme. Choose pieces that stand out to you for all the right reasons. For example, if you love a particular style of design, get a feature that portrays this theme. You might want to get an Art Deco style mirror or lampshade. Choose pieces that are timeless so that you never have to replace them. When you have ultra-modern pieces in your home, it doesn’t take too long for them to start looking old-fashioned.

Avoid too many patterns

If you have too many clashing patterns in the room, it will look a mess. If you adore different prints, you can choose two or three to use in the design. If you have many patterns, though, you need to make sure that they are the same color. Blue or gray tones tend to work well in this style of room because they don’t demand too much attention when you look at the space.

Let in natural light

To complete this look, you need to use the natural light from outside the room. If you have a large window area, you should make sure that you leave it open. Don’t cover it up with blinds or drapes. If you need to block out some of the light, you can use a translucent shield over the window. Other than that, the space should be bare so that the main feature of the room is the light.

While you decorate the room, it is important that you keep in mind that less is always more. When you choose pieces and designs for the room, keep things simple. With that in mind, you should create the perfect room.

Image Credits: Photo courtesy of Living Rooms London.