Wood interiors have become a keen way for interior design fans to ensure that they have the house of their dreams. Magnificent wood can be used in all sorts of home projects. Various woods can be used in different parts of the home too. Whether you want something practical or something a little more aesthetic, there are some fun, contemporary home projects in which you can use timber.

Using Dark Wood Interiors

Dark wood interiors can turn a drab room into a place of grandeur. Adding pure, rich wood hues can make any room look magnificent. Think dark oak in terms of furniture and flooring. It’s a simple, yet easy way to make a room look more decadent. Dark wood tones can be costly. But, when they are contrasted with beige, creams and ivory tones the overall result can be striking. Thinking about the color of the wood and how it will contrast yet complement your room is a good place to start when adding a stylish wooden interior.

It’s a Whitewash

White washing has become something of a keen trend. In bathrooms, this can look positively enhancing. The result is somewhat beautiful if not imperfect. But, that’s what makes it look so good. White washing panels in your home can give that much sought after ‘vintage’ styling. It’s the epitome of country chic and a must for any older, spacious property.

Keeping it Simple with Accessories

For those who don’t want to play around with wood to a vast extent, simple accessories can ensure that your home is in the midst of the wooden revival. Think about the ornaments and key pieces that you have in your home. A simple wooden vase can look striking on a mantelpiece. Adding in accessories, such as woodland creatures to a country style interior can look fantastic. Think about woodworking plans and how you can implement them into your property. What key touches can you add? Again, think about the color of the wood that you are adding. White washed tones can look unusual in smaller properties. But, large wooden focal points in bright reds and blues can add a striking touch. Think of them as features and let your creativity go wild.

When Exteriors and Interiors Collide

Wood and timber, of course, has a more practical purpose. So, why not add wood to your windows? Black wooden frames against startling white cladding can make for a dramatic look. Of course, it’s simple but stylish. But, it can transform what is usually a ‘boring’ part of the home. Windows are essential, but they don’t have to be dull. Rather, they can be simplistic style focal points. The key to making this wooden look work is to opt for monochrome. Pastels and bright can look cheap.

Forgetting Wallpaper

The last few years have seen the rise of feature walls using paint and wallpaper. But, why not add wooden plants to a wall? Sanding them down and adding a lick of stain can create a beautiful effect. Adding wood to walls is becoming a key theme in 2015 and one that should not be ignored.