Natural elements – fire and water – unite in a breathtaking spectacle offering ocean home owners unique moments

 In the presence of flames consuming the air, our thoughts travel to undefined places only to return to their starting point fed with inspiration and composing new strains of thought. Lost in this natural desire to be in the presence of open fire, we created sculptural objects taming the element that allowed our evolution.

Deciding to incorporate an outdoor fireplace in your home proves to be as hard as it is rewarding. Fire helps guide your thoughts towards inside rather than outside, while the image of dancing flames on the background of what seems to be an infinite stretch of water composes one of the most breathtaking panoramas. Vividly constructing an architecture of pleasure based on the primary need for warmth and introspection, outdoor fireplaces take you back to a much-needed simplicity.



There are a myriad of outdoor fire features that can re-shape the landscape to suit your needs and wishes. Contemporary fire features can be used to define a special space of your house. For example, two fire cones can be placed on either side of the entrance, guarding it with an imposing character. Another way to enjoy the benefits of open fire is to have a long and narrow fireplace running alongside the terrace and displaying a line of flames constructing the atmosphere for an amazing evening. Fire bowls and sculptural fireplace designs customized to suit your space extend the comfort zone outside, furnishing the landscape with a duo of natural and man-made composition.



The warmth of fire chilled by a soft breeze creates an ethereal atmosphere – portable fireplaces encourage you to experience its warmth in any given space: the manicured garden, an ocean deck or directly on the beach.

Designer Elena Colombo’s outdoor fireplaces celebrate the elements through unique, uplifting shapes and materials. Her collections break the boundaries of design, taking you one step further through the power of flame-taming design. Custom designs shelter your personal style in unequaled shapes, all based on the rise of flames from a carefully constructed container exposing your personal style.



Refined outdoor fireplaces are inspired by natural surrounding details:  the Lotus Bowl fireplace from Elena Colombo presents dancing fire rising from steel petals, while studio AK47 designed a fireplaces named Hole that constructs a refined enclosure in the ground for the flames to dance uninterrupted.

These are only a few examples of how design can create a different perception on life, but keep us focusing on what is truly important – the connection to our basic needs. Danger and relaxation meet in one defining action we all enjoy – watching flames rise up and dissipate in the air. Luxurious fireplace design helps capture the essence of comfort surrounded by carefully chosen palette of materials that celebrate an ancestral humankind need for being close to fire.

A place for quiet meditation or a social zone set around a sculptural fireplace – evenings will never be the same accompanied by a modern vision of the bonfire. Embedded in a table or flickering freely while rising from a geometric shape, fire is the perfect element to be tamed by creative designers.

About Ada Teicu: An architecture enthusiast, Ada shares finds from all over the world, constructing a spotlight on modern design. Expressing personal preferences on her blog – she loves uncovering new designers and find what makes acknowledged architects so unique. Follow her on Twitter or Pinterest inspiring surrounding design.