Façade Specialist Seele, Inc. Creates Unique Glass and Steel Designs

seele, Inc. in New York, a branch of the seele group of companies based in Germany, is increasingly involved in private projects for the upmarket segment. The seele group is one of the world’s top addresses for the design and construction of façades and complex building envelopes made from glass, steel, aluminum, membranes and other high tech materials.

Glass façades from seele offer maximum transparency and new perspectives. 
©Nikolas Koenig / OTTO 

Large façades in structural glazing or steel and glass create maximum transparency and breathtaking views. seele’s capabilities are extensive when it comes to unique building envelopes. The impressive architecture of major construction projects can also be implemented for private building projects. seele Inc. has already proved this more than once. Several private projects have already been completed, from the modernization of a penthouse right up to the building of new luxury villas. And what they all have in common is unique glass designs that make them something special.

The company is also known for its ability to design and fabricate interior elements, like the all-glass stairs with their minimal fixings (pictured below) that appear especially lightweight, and door systems and balustrades in glass that blend in perfectly to the interior design.

Unique all-glass staircases: by minimal use of fittings, staircases appear to be almost weightless. ©seele 

To complete such projects, seele deploys its full range of services – from consulting and design to fabrication, installation, and maintenance. seele’s knowledge of feasibility, materials, and innovative façade engineering smooths the way to new solutions – incorporating customer requests that initially appear impossible.

And since the company is known for its unique ability to take a project from consulting and design, to fabrication, installation, and maintenance, seele’s expert knowledge of feasibility, materials, and innovative façade engineering can make any ocean home possible.

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