Cooler weather and the changing of the seasons are upon us. The excitement of Halloween is in the air. It’s time to swap out your carefree summer décor for something a little spookier. However, if plastic tombstones and inflatable witches don’t complement your style, try trimming your home with these classic Halloween decorations that are perfect for easy going coastal design.


Pumpkin carving is a Halloween tradition that also makes for fun and easy décor. For a more sophisticated execution of the jack-o-lantern, try carving new shapes instead of cartoon faces. Monogrammed carvings give a new twist to an old classic. You could also carve leaves or trees. Set these outside along your front steps or on the porch for an easy outdoor decorations. Don’t forget to light them at night. Mini pumpkins and gourds are great for indoor or outdoor use. Paint them with metallic spray paint for an extra special look. Pumpkins also make excellent flower pots. Simply hollow out a large pumpkin and place a potted plant (mums work well) inside so the flowers stick out of the top. This looks great both outside and in.

Beach Finds

If you home style is beach chic, these subtle changes can carry your décor right into Halloween. If not, this project is a great opportunity to start adding a little coastal style into your Halloween decorations. Specimen jars are a great way to give your home some Halloween flair. Instead of using acid green food coloring and fake eyeballs, take a more natural approach. Pour small sea shells or black sand into apothecary jars. Place small pieces of drift wood, dried flower buds or single bird feathers inside others. You can find old fashioned labels at a craft store to stick on the jars. Label them as different potion ingredients like raven feathers or poisonous pods.


Flowers may not be frightening, but they can lend to the Halloween spirit. An arrangement of dried flowers and spindly twigs makes a great Halloween decoration. There are also a few species of flowers that are hauntingly beautiful and perfect for Halloween. Mums, calla lilies, and dahlias are available in the deepest shade of purple, they look almost black! An arrangement of fresh-cut black flowers is a little unnerving.


This is an easy project that looks great along with the beachy specimen jars. Recover hard-bound books as spell books. There are templates online that you can print out, or you could make your own.


There is something about the flickering flames of a candle that add to the Halloween spirit. Consider an arrangement of tall candles and various size pillars. Old fashioned candelabras or antique finger holders add to the haunted manor vibe.


Another easy way to decorate for Halloween is to swap out your photos with creepy portraits. There are hundreds of images online of old fashioned painted portraits that look downright spine-chilling. Print them out on photo paper and stick them in any frames you already have in your home.

DonÂ’t get caught up by the gaudy inflatable zombies and fake cobwebs. These easy projects are all smart ways to deck your halls for Halloween.


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